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Goodby, Silverstein & Partners is modeling the atrium in its new offices on Michelangelo's Piazza del Campidoglio. For the original, Mike placed buildings around an open area to preserve the view of the countryside. Goodby's two-story atrium in a renovated SF seven-story building will look out on a cable car, Coit Tower and a sea of laundry on Chinatown clotheslines. "The general theory is that it will be a big central square with a courtyard around it," says co-chair Jeff Goodby. Goodby says he wanted his lobby to be at ground level so visitors won't have to take an elevator to reach the agency. "Too New York-y," he says.

Hot pants &

`Voodoo' redo

Goodby's working feverishly to put out the fires from a Haggar spot in which a man goes into a burning building to rescue the "Ultimate Pant" (see Page 57). Haggar yanked the spot after firefighters complained, and the agency is scrambling to get a replacement spot for the World Series. SF rival FCB, meanwhile, continues to retool its unaired $500,000 "Voodoo" spot, in which a woman, upset at her man, sticks a pin in a voodoo doll's crotch. The Levi's 501 metal buttons save the man from feeling her pain. "An ounce of steel where it counts," says the spot. Levi execs worry about racial overtones, but FCB expects to salvage the spot.

Too Z-phisticated

for Nissan critics

Nissan VP Tom Eastwood is fed up with press barbs about Nissan's animated commercial showing a G.I. Joe-esque doll zipping around in a toy 300ZX. "All I see in the media is `Look at Nissan advertising a car they don't sell anymore. They don't know what they're doing,' " Eastwood says. "But the ad really has nothing to do with the Z-car. It's about a Nissan product that's part of our heritage. Does the press really think we're that dumb?"

Bar flies land

in Birmingham

Dick O'Dow's is the place to eat and drink in Detroit's trendy burb of Birmingham. The establishment is the creation of retiring Campbell-Ewald boss Richard O'Connor and ex-CE prez Pete Dow, who built the bar in Ireland and then had it shipped lock, stock and beer barrel to Michigan. The two are planning to build four more bars elsewhere in the country and then go franchise.

Lump of Cole . . .

fateful fax

Larry Cole, O&M exec VP and U.S. media chief, got bonked twice by errant balls while golfing in Bermuda during the American Mag. Conf. "And I have never in my life ever been hit by a golf ball before," says Larry, who brushed himself off and kept playing. . . . Mel Karmazin, asked what he will call his new megamerged radio entity of Infinity-CBS-Westing-house, suggested, "Justice Department Broadcasting." .*.*. JWT/Chicago exec Brian Heffernan was all set to start one Monday not long ago as prez of Y&R/Detroit. But he sent off a fax the Friday before explaining he wouldn't be showing. J. Walter gave him a promotion to stay.

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Joe Cappo, Alice Z. Cuneo, Jean Halliday, Mark Rechtin, Pat Sloan and Michael Wilke.

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