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Man's best friend? An IBM ad in Computerworld seems to picture a fellow in a compromising position with a pooch. The first page of O&M's three-page ad shows the man trying to control a pack of dogs to demonstrate the difficulty of managing computer networks. Page 3 is copy about IBM's solution. Page 2 is the one with the grinning dog and master apparently enjoying each other's company. "Do you think this heralds a new trend in bestiality themes in high-tech advertising?" asks an exec at a rival computer maker.

Financial World's Nov. 18 cover features venture capitalist Tim Draper. As in the guy who owns about 18% of said magazine. FW Chairman Barry Rupp says Draper is identified inside as an investor in "two prominent features," arguing the mag held itself to "an extremely high ethical standard." So the cover story is a coincidence? Says Editor in Chief Stephen Taub: "I don't have to tell you why we put anyone on the cover."

What of reports that Carmen Italia and Ken Gal are splitting LA's Italia/Gal Advertising? "I don't think it's true," says Gal, adding his relationship with Italia is "as strong as it's ever been." But a close agency watcher says the partners have been exploring ways to separate the venture, with Chicago-based Italia formally taking over the Chicago and Dallas offices while Gal would remain in LA. Italia didn't call us back. But Gal says, "We are not engaged in those conversations right now." So any plans to change the relationship? "I don't think you can plan to do that," Gal says. "You just do that."

Cadillac insiders say ad manager Jay True split to take a marketing job at a Florida modular home business run by a college buddy. No replacement named yet. True worked for ad director Steven Rosenblum, who joined Caddy this summer from Grey. The luxury coachmaker (whoops, the youth-oriented luxo brand) is still looking to replace Seville brand manager Robert Baird, who packed his suitcase in September for a job at Samsonite.

Multisoft Products of Jacksonville, Fla., is talking to agencies about handling a politically correct toilet paper: all natural, 100% cotton TP without any of the chemicals of the stuff made from trees. .*.*. Why did SF ad veterans Millie Olson and Lynda Pearson call their new agency Amazon? Because the somewhat towering (5-foot-81/2-inch) partners say people often have referred to them as Amazons. .*.*. Stagnant Grey/SF is reorganizing and bringing in new talent, a sign the office is getting back to business after the loss of BankAmerica. .*. *. A PR firm in SF was out seeking publicity last week for Infoseek's move into the Web rep biz. A PR firm in NY, meanwhile, called to offer reaction from rival Softbank Interactive Marketing. The name of the firms? Edelman.M

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Alice Z. Cuneo, Jean Halliday, Jeff Jensen, Keith J. Kelly, Jack Neff, Judann Pollack and Debra Aho Williamson.

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