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Intel has its eyes on retailing and package goods. The chip company has designed a virtual supermarket for shopping on the Web. PC food shopping isn't new. But Intel's approach may be: Push a virtual shopping cart down 3-D virtual aisles packed with images of real packages. Click on a package, zoom in on its nutritional label and drop the box in the cart. Click the screen for recipes. Click again to filter out all products, say, that are high in fat and salt. Kevin Teixeira, Intel's virtual reality program manager, playfully envisions an Energizer bunny or Pillsbury Doughboy appearing in a future version. For now, Intel marketing VP Dennis Carter says this is a technology test, and Intel hasn't yet shown the scheme to retailers or marketers.

Is Colgate-Palmolive really reviewing its media or just using info from a bunch of media independents to knock down rates at incumbent Y&R? Insiders confirm a report that a number of independents, including Western International Media and SFM, have been contacted. But officially, Colgate says there is no "formal" review or talks.

Let's hope Michael Perlis, former Playboy prez and GQ publisher, has been spending a lot of time in front of the tube while searching for his next big opportunity since leaving Conde Nast last November. Perlis this week is expected to be named president of TVSM Publishing, parent to monthly The Cable Guide and weekly Total TV. TVSM has attracted heavy hitters before, including publishing legend Peter Diamandis, who remains chairman of the company.

Staffers at Acura incumbent Ketchum put home-baked cookies in strategic places across the office to lend "a homey feeling" when the Acura review committee visited last week. With or without Acura, Ketchum/LA is expected to get a new name under new owner Omnicom. Meanwhile, word is Omnicom might split Ketchum/SF, with food accounts going to DDB and Bank of America headed to a reborn BBDO/SF. One conflict: BBDO/LA has rival Glendale Federal Bank.

Sara Lee, which started selling Olympic-theme apparel three years ago, is on track to get retail sales of $500 million of official Games clothing by this fall, says Jeff Bliss, prez of Sara Lee Olympic Partnership. The profits from that are enough, Bliss says, to cover the $100 million Sara Lee sank into its Olympic corporate sponsorship and actually turn "a small profit."...Is California Pizza Kitchen the choice of a new generation? PepsiCo, owner of Pizza Hut and already two-thirds owner of the designer pizza chain, has taken control of the board, with three of CPK's five seats....Melissa Kalish, exec VP at corporate I.D. firm Interbrand Schechter, has to come up with names for two new products-the twins she's expecting in August. Says Kalish: "It's like being a client for the first time."

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