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Dentsu's Rogge Effler & Partners has moved to spiffy quarters in Santa Monica, but does it have more space than clients? AST is in review. Best Western hired a consultant for a review. Word is Countrywide, a big mortgage outfit, is pressuring the shop on compensation and could be heading out the door, perhaps to Dailey & Associates. Rogge Effler (formerly Lord Dentsu/LA) hopes ailing AST will scrap the review and stay put. But the odds don't look good even though the shop has done a splendid job holding on during continual mgmt. changes at the PC maker. One issue to watch: How involved will chair-CEO Don Effler be in agency affairs, and what's that mean for Pat Rogge? A close agency watcher says Boston-based Effler is getting more involved with Dentsu USA, where he's been vice chairman since April.

No soy real milk mustache

And you thought the fur flies at PETA only over mink coats. Well, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is trying to muck up "milk mustache" ads. The National Fluid Milk Processors wants consumers to send in pictures of milk mustaches for use in future ads. So PETA is asking its 500,000 members to mail the cow crowd pix with soy milk mustaches. If a soy mustache gets picked for an ad, PETA intends to expose the cow milk mustache as a fake. A postcard asking for help from PETA members shows a picture of a man and boy sucking the udder of a cow. The headline: "Milk sucks!"

Flipping burgers is so glamorous

Hamburgers aren't good for you, but they sure are glamorous. Dave "Wendy's" Thomas ranked as the fourth most glamorous exec in a consumer survey by NY shop Ziccardi & Partners. The agency did the poll before news broke that Dave had to go in for heart bypass surgery (see story at right). Eva Peron took third place among the most glamorous women in history, behind Jackie O. and Audrey Hepburn. But only 13% knew where Eva lived; maybe Madonna's "Evita" will clear this up.

Al's ear . . . FCB . . . Santa

Why is Computer Shopper Publishing Dir. Al DiGuido sporting a pierced

ear? 'Cuz he vowed to do it if the staff at the Ziff-Davis mag sold 750 ad pages in the December issue. It came in at a record 754, which makes Shopper heavier than your average notebook computer. . . . Rubin Postaer & Associates struck an alliance with NEC Japanese shop Dentsu to help with RPA's U.S. NEC Technologies pitch, but Gerry Rubin stressed any ties would be limited to that account. Merkley Newman, meanwhile, is working with Hakuhodo on the NEC pitch. . . . Also from RPA: American Century, the amalgamation of 20th Century and Benham mutual funds, launches its TV campaign Jan. 1 with the first of six spots. . . . FCB/LA boss Joel Hochberg denies talk he's headed to another job. . . . The Claus that refreshes? An ad from Media Force in Dallas, helpfully including some recipes, promotes Santa as "the other red meat."

Compiled by Bradley Johnson with news from Alice Z. Cuneo, Mark Gleason, Jean Halliday, Charmain Kosek, Laura Petrecca and Judann Pollack.

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