Addenda to 2000 Agency Report

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The following amplifications and corrections concern data reported in the 56th annual Agency Report, April 24, 2000.

* Billings for 1999 and 1998 for McCann-Erickson Worldwide in the "Ad agencies by medium" charts (P. S-44) were inverted, giving the agency current year declines instead of gains and misranking the agency across most charts. The spot TV and cable TV charts on which McCann-Erickson should have ranked No. 1 by media billings accompany these addenda. In other media, McCann moves from No. 7 to No. 3 in syndicated TV, and advances from No. 10 to No. 2 in radio. The agency remains No. 7 in newspapers, No. 2 in magazines and No. 1 in network TV despite the incorrect tallies for 1999.

* The accompanying chart on top 10 agencies by Yellow Pages billings is a corrected version of the chart appearing on Page S-55 in the report.

* Dentsu should have been listed at $2,106.6 million in gross income and $14,974 million in billings in 1999 on charts that rank it the world's largest agency brand (P. S-8) and the world's fifth largest ad organization (P. S-12). Neither of its rankings changes.

* Duffy & Shanley, Providence, R.I., a traditional agency with an emerging interactive presence, was inadvertently omitted from the report. It had '99 gross income of $4.19 million, up 15.1%, on billings of $27.9 million.

* Bozell Group should be ranked No. 24 at $159.1 million in gross income on the consolidated U.S. agency chart (P. S-52) rather than No. 19, the latter based on Ad Age's inclusion of Temerlin McClain in its figures. Temerlin, connected with Bozell until last year, has since become an autonomous agency under True North Communications. The Bozell U.S. brand (P. S-2) should have been identified as Bozell Group and not Bozell Worldwide, its former name.

* R&R Partners, Las Vegas, which also operates offices in Reno, Nev.; Salt Lake City; Phoenix; and Washington, D.C., had gross income of $17.1 million, up 5.2%, on billings of $107.2 million. The agency submitted its returns too late for inclusion in the report. It specializes in entertainment advertising.

* Fahlgren, Dublin, Ohio, with consolidated billings of $152 million in 1999, had consolidated gross income of $20.8 million, down 2.5% from 1998, instead of $18.3 million, a figure that did not include its non-traditional operations.

* Doremus & Co., New York, should have ranked as the No. 2 business-to-business agency by U.S. gross income on the B-to-B chart (P. S-51). Doremus, inadvertently left off the ranking, had gross income of $24.3 million, up 4%, on billings of $199.9 million.

* Gelia Wells & Mohr, Clarence, N.Y., had gross income of $4.9 million, up 1%, on billings of $34.3 million in 1999. The agency released its returns too late for inclusion in the report.

* SAA/ Y&R, Tel Aviv, had gross income of $8.1 million and not the $2 million figure provided Ad Age by Young & Rubicam. The new gross income figure on billings of $54 million places the agency No. 6 in Israel (P. S-28).

* Y&R/Uruguay should have been the name of the Y&R agency in that country (P. S-40) and not Vice Versa/Y&R, former partner of Y&R.

* Marka, Istanbul, had gross income of $5.52 million, up 138%, on billings of $33.5 million, which ranks it 12th among Turkish agencies (P. S-38). Marka did not receive a form in time to submit its returns.

* Figures for MAA Group, Bangalore, India, an agency formerly associated with Bozell Group, should not have been included in those of FCB Ulka India, Mumbai, in the India rankings (P. S-22). True North Communications realigned its two agency arms in September 1999, moving international operations of Bozell into FCB Worldwide. Bozell's minority interest in MAA did not pass on to FCB, according to MAA. AA permits agencies to consolidate multiple returns in a single market, although only returns equal to the parent's ownership percentage are allowed. Without MAA's $5.8 million gross income in its figures, FCB Ulka recorded $15.4 million gross income. This drops the agency from No. 4 to No. 5 in India. MAA appeared correctly on the chart at No. 10.

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