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The following corrections and amplifications concern data reported in the 54th annual Agency Report, April 27, 1998:

* Wahlstrom & Co. reported billings of $115.9 million from Yellow Pages and not $154.7 million as shown in the chart ranking agencies by Yellow Pages billings (Page S-41). This pushes Wahlstrom from No. 2 to No. 4. On that same chart, D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles misreported Yellow Pages billings of $40 million, which should have been $58.6 million, moving the unit up one notch to No. 5.

* Pierce, DeDitius & Galyean, Arlington, Texas, had gross income of $1 million, down 38%, on billings of $4.2 million. Its form was received too late to be included in the report.

* Frierson Mee & Kraft, New York, had gross income of $7.9 million, up 39.6%, on billings of $52.7 million. Frierson's form was received too late for inclusion.

* Martin/Williams incorrectly reported its phone number (Page S-31). Its number is (612) 340-0800.

* Phoenix Communications, Seoul, is affiliated with Dentsu and not Dentsu, Young & Rubicam Partnerships, as stated in notes to the Dentsu profile (Page S-17).

* Returns from Publi-Graphics Group, Beirut, were not received in time. The network had gross income of $18.6 million, up 13.1%, on billings of $124.3 million from 17 offices in Europe and the Middle East. Its Beirut shop is Lebanon's largest; its four shops in Dubai place it No. 4 in size in the U.A.E.; Publi-Graphics' two offices in Saudi Arabia place it No. 3 in size among agencies there.

* Several BBDO Worldwide affiliated shops in Central America missed the report. The shops and BBDO's ownership status, in parentheses, are: Garnier BBDO (MN), San Jose, with gross income of $2.97 million, up 1.4%, on billings of $19.8 million; BBDO Guatemala (MJ), Guatemala City, gross income of $2.24 million, up 5.1%, on billings of $14.9 million; BBDO Nicaragua (JV), Managua, gross income of $446,400, up 10.8%, on billings of $3 million; Apex BBDO (MN), San Salvador, gross income of $2.57 million, up 39.2%, on billings of $17.1 million; Zeus BBDO (MN), Tegucigalpa, Honduras, gross income of $472,300, up 7.7%, on billings of $3.2 million; and BBDO Panama (MJ), Panama City, gross income of $1.54 million, down 1%, on billings of $10.2 million.

* Adell Saatchi & Saatchi, Riga, Latvia, should have been listed with estimated gross income of $700,000 on billings of $5.83 million. Estimated gross income for S Team Bates Saatchi & Saatchi, Ljubljana, Slovenia, should have been $603,000 on billings of $5.03 million.

* Saatchi & Saatchi reported incorrect billings for Bates Primary Saatchi & Saatchi, Minsk, Belarus. They should have been $833,000 for 1997.

* Competition is intense for top agency status in Columbus, Ohio, abetted by the Ad Age method of assigning network capitalized billings by city for the Top 25 U.S. cities chart (Page S-13) and a lack of consistency in the way agencies fill out forms for the report.

AA tabbed Fahlgren in nearby Dublin, as No. 1 in Columbus at $169.6 million in billings -- a total for all its offices. Fahlgren does not track billings geographically, and has sizable units in headquarters city Columbus and in Toledo; Tampa, Fla.; and Atlanta.

HMS Partners is the largest agency based in Columbus at $188 million, but this growing agency network credits only $60.1 million of that to Columbus, which still could be higher than Fahlgren's Columbus-specific billings were it to portion them by core cities.

Lord, Sullivan & Yoder's $69.5 million tops all competitors. Yet even the Lord total could slip below Columbus totals for Resources Marketing, listing $79.6 million from Columbus and San Francisco. But just how much of that is from Columbus is not known because the agency broke out billings from media without tossing its hefty fee income into the capitalization pot, as the others did.

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