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The following corrections and amplifications concern data appearing in the Agency Report, April 15.

The name of Oldwick, N.J., agency Norman Diegnan & Associates was published incorrectly as Norman Diegman & Associates.

Gross income of $1.54 million at Griffin Bacal Volny, Toronto, was down only 9.9%, not the -45.4% reported. Prior-year figures were provided by DDB Needham Worldwide, owner of the Canadian shop.

Locally owned Lopito, Ileana & Howie, San Juan, handles Puerto Rican business for several networks (DDB Needham and Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide), even though O&M claims it as a non-equity affiliate in the report.

Returns for B.V. McCann-Erickson, Bucharest, should have been $758,000 gross income on $5.1 million billings, ranking it fourth in Romania. The numbers in the report were provided by McCann, which carries the Romanian shop as a non-equity affiliate.

BBDO Worldwide's figures reported for Gitam/BBDO, a minority-held agency in Ramat Gan, Israel, should have been $8.1 million gross income, up 82%, on $54 million billings, ranking it as the top agency in Israel.

N.W. Ayer & Partners' last two foreign affiliates, both of which have bought back Ayer's minority holdings, were omitted inadvertently from the report. Ayer Vasquez, Buenos Aires, had $19.7 million gross income, up 24.7%, on $131.1 million billings, making it the top agency in Argentina; Lee Davis Ayer, Hong Kong, had $2.2 million gross income, up 1.8%, on $14.6 million billings, making it No. 20. Ayer Vasquez was 10%-owned by Ayer and Lee Davis Ayer 30%.

Franklin Whaite, Caracas, missed the report. It had $2.5 million gross income, up 2.6%, on $16.6 million billings, putting it 10th in Venezuela. Whaite's non-equity relationship with Ammirati Puris Lintas was terminated in '95.

Two Istanbul agencies failed to be included in the report: Rota had $502,320 gross income, down 31.5%, on billings of $11.8 million; Cozum Reklamcilik had $497,662 gross income, up 12.3%, on billings of $8.1 million. The agencies would rank 35th and 37th, respectively.

Materia, Milan, also missed the report. The shop had $2.9 million gross income, up 6.3%, on billings of $49.1 million, ranking it 28th in Italy. Materia's billings are inordinantly large compared to gross income because they include a sizable media-buying account. The shop is a member of independent agency network International Federation of Advertising Agencies.

Far East Advertising, Bangkok, reported by DDB Needham as 10%-owned, bought back that stake in late '95 and joined IFAA.

A mistake in the rupee/dollar conversion lowered returns for Sista's Private, Bombay, which should have been ranked a notch higher at No. 13, at $2.7 million gross income on $21.3 million billings. It is 10%-owned by Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising.

Due to typographical errors, returns for CGR Communications, Kingston, Jamaica, should have been $954,302 gross income, up 42.1%, on $7.6 million billings, and for Publicitaria Cumbre, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, $524,639 gross income, up 30.8%, on billings of $4.2 million. Both are non-equity affiliates of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising.

Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Vienna, should have been reported slightly higher at $9.5 million gross income, up 16%, on billings of $76.1 million. Its ranking is not affected.

The name of Saatchi & Saatchi Albania should have been listed as SMS Bates Saatchi & Saatchi, Tirana, and its returns as $1.1 million gross income on $8.8 million billings. Lead office of this combination Saatchi and Bates agency is in Skopje, Macedonia.

DDB Needham Australia's billings should have been $305.3 million, up 29.6% over the prior year. Its gross income was reported correctly.

Growth in gross income for Bates Centrade Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, Bucharest, in '95 was 43%, not -85.7%.

Sonnenberg Murphy Leo Burnett, Johannesburg, had gross income of $13.7 million on $63.7 million billings ranking it No. 5 in South Africa. Leo Burnett Co., with which the agency has a non-equity relationship, misreported the agency's returns.

Gitam International, Sandton, South Africa, did not make the report. Its returns were $4.4 million gross income on billings of $26.9 million. This would rank Gitam No. 12 in South Africa.

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