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Kevin Garnett, Gladiator
Marketer: Adidas
Brand: Adidas
Title: "What's Inside"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, San Francisco

This is the latest Kevin Garnett work from director Noam Murro, who did the wildly popular 'Carry' spot in 2004. This new one portrays the NBA Timberwolves player as, among other things, a gladiator, a military commander in an outer-space battle, an action hero saving a woman from a burning building and a stand-up comedian. But after all, impossible is nothing.

Smashing Appliances for Ford
Marketer: Ford Motor Co.
Brand: Fusion Sedan
Title: "Crushing Blow"
Agency: JWT, Detroit

This is not the first time that gimmickry has trumped musical talent on the rock and roll stage but it certainly is one of the more unusual versions of it. Equally unlikely is the branded entertainment partnership that now has the Norwegian, kitchen-appliance-smashing band Hurra Torpedo promoting Ford's Fusion sedan. This is the trailer being used to promote for the band's U.S. tour.

Dull but Brilliant Jewelry Ad
Marketer: Shane Co.
Brand: Shane Co. Jewelry
Title: "Ruby Mine"
Agency: Grey Worldwide

Shane Co., which operates a chain of jewelry stores in 12 states from California to Missouri, has made a name for itself with droll radio ads starring CEO Tom Shane, who characterizes his company as 'dull but brilliant.' Now, the company is going visual with the pitch in TV ads featuring Mr. Shane but never showing his face. In this one, we hear his voice but never see more than a miner's helmet light making its way down a ruby mine in Thailand.

Stationwagon Life
Marketer: Horizons for Homeless Children
Brand: Horizons for Homeless Children
Title: "Car"
Agency: Arnold Worldwide, Boston

Established in 1994, Horizons for Homeless Children is a Massachusetts organization that provides assistance to homeless children. With a simple, direct approach, director Jeffry Fleisig of Biscuit Filmworks has created a public-service announcement that evokes a sense of empathy rather than guilt in way likely to touch many viewers in the Boston metropolitan area.

Pig Hat Humor
Marketer: Cargill
Brand: Cargill
Title: "Better Pork"
Agency: Martin Williams, Minneapolis

Taking us on a documentary-like meander through the world of down-home pork cooking and eating, director Raymond Bark of Gartner authentically punches home Cargill's 'Better Pork' brand theme. Hardly down-home itself, however, Cargill is the country's largest private corporation and is running the ad as part of its branding campaign.

Not a Mistake
Marketer: Ikea
Brand: Ikea
Title: "It's Not a Mistake"
Agency: Zig, Toronto

Yes, the plotline is trite -- a customer thinks she is getting a steal because of a mistaken price tag rather than store policy -- but it's freshly and exuberantly executed by director Mark Gilbert of the Reginald Pike production company.

Fruit Angst
Marketer: Pepsico
Brand: Tropicana Fruit Wise
Title: "Family"
Agency: Heat, San Francisco

Capturing the angst of those days when you just have to leave your strawberry home alone is this new spot for Tropicana Fruit Wise. The campaign explores the emotional dynamics of a family's attachment to its fruit.

Candy Klepto
Marketer: Mars Masterfoods
Brand: Starburst
Title: "Ernie"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, New York

Meet Ernie, the neighborhood kleptomaniac who can strip you of your personal possessions, including your bicycle and shirt, quicker than you can rip open a Starburst package. And beware, Starburst lovers, he's particularly fond of the fruit chews.

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