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History repeated itself at Super Bowl XXVIII. The Buffalo Bills and the TV commercials that ran during the game were both losers. It was a duplicate performance for both of Super Bowl XXVII.

One day after the 1993 Super Bowl, viewers surveyed remembered an average of 2.99 commercials, which means 78.01 had no recall (John Antil, marketing prof., U. of Delaware).

As for Super Bowl XXVIII, Creative Marketing Consultants did a survey following the game. With one exception, a vast majority of those responding to the questions couldn't recall the products being advertised.

According to A.C. Nielsen, Super Bowl XXVIII was watched by 45.4% of U.S. homes with TV sets, or about 134.8 million viewers. The audience was there. The message wasn't.

The purpose of advertising (Advertising 101) is to sell a product, service or idea. That means a clear, concise and simple message to communicate and motivate people to act. Before they can act, they have to be motivated. Before they can be motivated, they have to recall or be aware of the message. In the end, the results are what count.

I wonder how the commercials would be if the agencies were paid on results.

Eddie Spizel

La Jolla, Calif.

In my opinion the best commercial during this year's Super Bowl was the "Woodstock Reunion" spot from Pepsi. All of those ex-hippies hitting golf balls and driving BMWs, it was truly hysterical.

Being a 23-year-old account executive at a small shop in southern New Jersey, I often dream of being involved with commercials like that some day.

Bryan Wible

Account exec

Action Enterprises

Burlington, N.J.

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