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The Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games has unveiled a public awareness print campaign to educate consumers about the effects of counterfeit Olympic merchandise and ambush marketing.

The first ad, headlined "How do you feel about cheating in the Olympic Games?" asks the public to call ACOG if they spot misleading promotions or merchandise.

The ad broke in June issues of Sports Illustrated, Fortune and Time, as well as selected newspapers.

If ACOG finds what it considers to be an ad ambushing an Olympic sponsor-and a focus group agrees-ACOG will run its own ad that shows the offending work, as well as the company's name and the chairman's phone number. ACOG will ask consumers to complain to the company's chairman.

"We hope this last group of ads never runs because they are designed to deal with a situation we are trying very hard to avoid," said Darby Coker, ACOG's director of communication for marketing.

In addition to the ads, ACOG plans to hold news conferences and use its Internet site ( to expose the ambushers. Campaign, Roswell, Ga., created the ads.

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