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Sharon Stone's Stroke
Client: American Stroke Association
Brand: Stroke Awareness
Title: "Stone"
Agency: Carmichael Lynch, Minneapolis
In one of her most unusual roles ever, Sharon Stone "plays" a stroke in this new public service announcement. The work was a pro-bono agency project.

Robert Kennedy Jr.'s Car
Client: Natural Resources Defense Council
Brand: 40 mph car
Title: "40 Mile Dream Vehicle"
Agency: Detroit Project, Los Angeles
In the voice-over of this spot, Robert Kennedy Jr., attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council, explains the curious car that is revealed on the screen. The background music is "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads. The car, like the music, is same as it ever was.

Tiger Woods' Race
Client: TAG Heuer
Brand: LINK Sports Chronographs
Title: "Who Can Beat Tiger Woods"
Agency: TBWA, Paris
Can a Formula 1 race car go faster than a ball driven by Tiger Woods? Watch this spot filmed in Monaco to find out.

Mini-Me's Song
Client: Fifth Third Bank
Brand: Flex Line Loans
Title: "Tenors"
Agency: Flynn, Sabatino and Day, Cincinnati
An operatic performance for a regional bank features Vernon Troyer, a.k.a. Mini-Me, as the lowest of three tenors singing the refrain "Rates Are So Low."

Hiding Oreo Cookies
Client: Kraft Foods North America
Brand: Oreo Cookies
Title: "Bakers"
Agency: FCB
Bakers work frantically to hide Oreo cookies in this recent commercial even as a lawsuit in the real world questioned whether the trans fat content of the snacks posed a danger for children. The suit was subsequently dropped.

Kansas City Chiefs
Client: Kansas City Chiefs
Brand: New Season
Title: "Office Space"
Agency: Muller & Co., Kansas City
The question one asks after viewing this spot is "Where is Terry Tate when we really need him?" An utterly obnoxious advertising effort by the Kansas City football team.

Land's End Coverup
Client: Land's End
Brand: SwimMini
Title: "Land 3226"
Agency: McKinny & Silver
Targeting those legions of women who loathe the idea of exposing their somewhat imperfect body parts to leering beach crowds, Land's End offers the new "SwimMini."

TiVo Killer
Client: Time Warner Cable
Brand: Digital Video Recording
Title: "Son's Future"
Agency: Shepardson Stern & Kaminsky
One of the spots Time Warner Cable is using to kick off the marketing effort for its own TiVo-like digital recording service for cable subscribers.

eBay's Latest
Client: eBay
Brand: eBay
Title: "Traffic Jam"
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
The Internet success story continues its campy ad campaign with this new spot that has them dancing in the street.

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