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Doyle Advertising

& Design

Group, Boston

Akva Spring Water

John Doyle, Creative Director/Art Director

Ernie Schenck, Copywriter

Photography: Peter Hall,

Hashi, Sigurgeir Sigurjonsson

Why does the world need another bottled water? asked Doyle Advertising & Design Group in creating a campaign for Akva, an Icelandic water bottler.

The answer: purity.

Evian had cornered the health & fitness position in bottled water and Perrier the upscale cachet, so Akva staked out the purity angle as its own.

"With its unique position on our planet, Iceland, and in turn, Akva, can promise purity in an absolute and extreme fashion," says Alan Zorfas, the agency's director of client services.

The $1 million campaign, launched in April 1993, capitalized on the rich heritage of Iceland. Each of four ads boasts an old Nordic border, a Viking icon and an ancient type font.

"The accent on the Viking heritage helps to romance the brand and create a dramatic image," says Mr. Zorfas.

John Doyle, creative director, found the 14th-Century font while browsing in an old Boston bookstore, Mr. Zorfas notes, adding: "It's our role in communication to uncover those elements that make an ad more than an ad.

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