Which ads were winners in the Super Bowl?

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The Steelers decisively won the football game, but it's hard to say which commercials were victorious. When AdAge.com readers were asked to select their favorite Super Bowl ad, their votes were fairly evenly split between the four spots listed. And many lobbed in their own picks for a favorite.

Cadillac's "Chrome Couture" ad, which featured fashion models dressed in metallic ensembles emerging from the catwalk, squeaked by with a victory, earning 33% of the vote. However, it was the runner-up, FedEx's cavemen-starring "Stick" with 30% of the vote, which garnered the most positive comments in our poll.

Steve Gordon, senior VP at Campbell Mithun, identified with the hapless caveman-employee featured in the ad. "The way you feel after your boss unfairly chews you out for someone else's error was memorably executed!" he said.

The other contenders in our contest were two ads for cellphones. The ad for Motorola's Pebl, which beautifully and dreamily showed the geologic progression of a boulder to a pebble, earned 23% of the vote. It was slightly favored over Sprint's humorously violent "Locker Room" ad which received 15% of the vote.

"The Motorola Pebl spot stood out because it was one of the only truly artistic spots during the game," said Jon Rekedal, account manager at Latina magazine. Yet, Mr. Rekedal pointed out that "the spot does little to promote anything specific about the phone."

Sprint's ad did highlight a specific feature of the product. Luis Portiansky, marketing director, MWE, said, "The Sprint ad was the most effective at focusing on a `value-add' feature-the crime deterrent. "

Ads that were not part of our poll, but were positively remarked upon by voters include: Burger King's "Whopperettes," Budweiser's "Clydesdale American Dream" and Bud Light's "Revolving Fridge." Dove's "Campaign for Real Beauty" won the write-in vote by a landslide. Kathy Jenkins, brand catalyst at Sudler & Hennessey, summed it up best when she wrote, "I know it's a chick-flick in a sea of beer, but this spot goes beyond `brand advertising' to `issue enlightenment."'

What you say:

Cadillac’s metallic mannequins came in first among AdAge.com voters, just passing FedEx’s disgruntled caveman.

33% "Cadillac's "Couture"

30% FedEx's "Stick"

23% Motorola's "Pebl"

15% Sprint's "Locker Room"

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