Advertising Age at 80: Re-Thinking the Logo

VCU Brandcenter's Laura Fallon Inspired by 'Conversation'

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In honor of our 80th birthday, Ad Age asked students at several design schools to re-imagine the logo. This one, running March 31, is our winner.

Design a cover for Ad Age's Global issue.
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It comes from Laura Fallon, a second-year art direction at VCU Brandcenter. She told us the insight driving the design was the "importance of starting conversations with Advertising. Whatever we do or create as advertising people, is nothing unless it can spur a conversation. Also, Ad Age is full of constant conversations of what's happening now, what different agencies are up to, articles and opinions from many different people. Being constantly engaged in conversations is crucial to creating work that is meaningful to people."

Learn more about Ms. Fallon on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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