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Several international marketing contests now taking place provide opportunities for agency creatives to present their work to the world.

The New York Festivals in August introduced the 1995 AME International Awards, a competition recognizing advertising's creativity and effectiveness on a global scale-how campaigns met their objectives and compare with competing entries.

Eligible campaigns must have run between Jan. 1, 1993, and Sept. 29, 1995. Winners will be announced Jan. 12 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, New York.

Further information and entry materials are available from the New York Festivals, 780 King St., Chappaqua, N.Y. 10514, USA. Phone 914-238-4481, or fax 914-238-5040.

A contest from Teisendorf, Germany, asks academic and industry advertising experts outside Germany, "How would you promote Germany in your country?"

The Junior Chamber Germany contest solicits advertisements, comic strips, mailing campaigns, film storyboards or any other appropriate medium, in English, French, Spanish or German. The top prize is $36,000.

Entries must be in by Oct. 31. For additional information, contact Transfer Ideas, Mehringer Weg 19, D-83317 Teisendorf, Germany. Phone 49-86-66-6361 or -6312; fax 49-86-66-8658 or -6887.

For all creatives whose favorite advertising has come to naught, an unusual contest, also from Germany, celebrates the also-rans. Berlin software company Pixelpark, through its World Wide Web site Wildpark, is organizing the contest Unpublished-The Best Rejected Advertising '95.

The contest asks industry experts to judge client-rejected campaigns. Winners will be printed in "Unpublished," a book examining rejection in the ad industry, to be published worldwide early next year by Grey Press, Berlin. The deadline for 1995 entries is Sept. 22. U.S. entries have until Oct. 14.

For additional information, write to Veruschka Getz, Unpublished, Gustav-Freytag-Strasse 4, D-10827 Berlin, Germany. Phone 49-30-784-7188. E-mail [email protected], or check the WWW site at

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