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Income and net worth for the average American family barely increased from 2001 to 2004, according to the Federal Reserve Board's latest Survey of Consumer Finances. Good news? Housing appreciation. Bad news?

Soaring debt and plunging savings as consumers bet on the house.

SELECTED ASSETS: Median value of assets for families that held...

SELECTED DEBT: Median debt for families that owed...

NET WORTH: Family's assets minus debt

INCOME: Family's income from jobs, gov't, investments & other sources

Dollars are in 2004 $, so 2001 #s are adjusted for inflation. 1. Pooled investments including mutual funds, real estate investment trusts and hedge funds. 2. Financial assets including bank and mutual fund accounts, stocks, IRAs, savings bonds and cash value of life insurance. 3. Mortgage, home equity loans and other borrowings on primary residence.

Source: Federal Reserve Board's 2004 Survey of Consumer Finances


Focus on: PUBLICIS (PUB)

Publicis hit a record U.S. stock price ($39.90) March 6 after it posted a 31% jump in 2005 headline net income. The stock gain was a long time coming. Publicis debuted on the New York Stock Exchange at $37 on Sept. 12, 2000. The stock bottomed at $14.75 post-9/11. Before '06, it surpassed its Sept. '00 high only one day, in '04. The French ad holding company ranks No. 4 behind Interpublic in revenue-but $3.3 billon bigger in market cap.

Last week's score

Stocks rebounded late week on job gains amid worries about inflation. Google, down 28% from Jan., saw its market cap fall below $100 B.
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