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WPP started the year in first place for new business with media wins on Nokia, Wrigley and Unilever and creative wins with Quiznos and Ruby Tuesday, according to Bear Stearns' Alexia Quadrani. Publicis, which scored first for account wins in calendar 2005, came in a close second in January with a big win on Nestle media in France. Omnicom and Interpublic trailed behind, with Havas coming in at the bottom.

AdMarket 50


Google's stock is down 21% from Jan.'s all-time high, but $100 put into its '04 IPO still was worth $434 at the 18-month mark this month. Google's no Yahoo: $100 bet on Yahoo's '96 IPO was worth $609 after 18 months . Google trades at 4 times IPO price; Yahoo sells for 61 times IPO. If Google matched that multiple, it would have a market cap of $1.5 trillion-more than GE, Exxon, Microsoft, Citigroup and Wal-Mart combined.

Google price $377.40

Price as multiple of IPO 4.4

All-time high (1/11/06) $475.11

Market cap $112 B

Yahoo price $33.01

Price as multiple of IPO 60.9

All-time high (1/4/00)1 $125.03

Market cap $47B

Yahoo completed its IPO 4/12/96 at a split-adjusted 54 cents a share ($13 before splits); Google began trading 8/19/04 after an IPO at $85 a share. 1. $500.13 before later stock splits. Source: Bloomberg, company reports, Ad Age analysis

Last week's score

Markets were mixed, but WPP came close to a 52-week high on its earnings report; IPG hit its highest point since Nov. in heavy trading Feb. 24.

AdMarket 50 1,457.01 -0.5%

DJ Wilshire 5000 13,010.58 +0.3%

Winners Feb. 24 Change

WPP Group $58.13 5.4%

Interpublic Group $10.51 4.9%

Dow Jones $40.20 4.4%

Walt Disney Co. $27.98 4.0%

Nike $87.20 2.7%

Losers Feb. 24 Change

General Motors Corp. $19.99 -8.8%

CBS Corp. $24.54 -4.8%

Ford Motor Co. $8.10 -4.1%

Primedia $2.25 -3.9%

DaimlerChrysler $55.86 -3.6%

Advertising Age and Bloomberg's AdMarket 50 tracks 50 top marketer, media and agency companies. Bloomberg symbol: BAAX

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