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The following amplifications and corrections concern data reported in the 57th annual Agency Report (AA, April 23).

* In the story "Agency Report" (P. S-1), worldwide billings for U.S. agencies should have been $259.28 billion not $295.28 billion as reported.

* In the table "U.S. agency brands ranked by gross income":

-(P. S-2) Ackerman & McQueen, Oklahoma City, misreported 1999 gross income as $21.8 million; it should have reported $27.8 million, giving it growth in gross income in 2000 of 24% to $34.5 million rather than 58%; Ackerman's gross income should not have been marked an estimate.

-(P. S-2) Kirshenbaum Bond & Partners, New York, had gross income of $55.6 million (which would have ranked it No. 55), up 49%, on billings of $548.4 million. The agency had been estimated at a lower gross income by Ad Age and ranked No. 70.

-(P. S-6). Star Group's headquarters was misidentified as Chester, N.J. The agency is based in Cherry Hill, N.J.

-(P. S-8) Ornelas & Associates, Dallas, an Hispanic agency with returns of $3.6 million in gross income, up 1.3%, on billings of $41.3 million; and Montemayor & Asociados, San Antonio, an Hispanic agency with gross income of $1.7 million, up 7.2%, on billings of $11.4 million, were inadvertently left off the ranking.

-Exclamation Point Advertising, Billings, Mont., was inadvertently marked a marketing services agency and not included in the "U.S. agency brand ranking" (while reserving it for the marketing services ranking May 21). Exclamation Point had 2000 gross income of $1.3 million, up 42.4% (which would have ranked it No. 461) on billings of $11.4 million.

* In the table "Top agencies in 124 countries":

-(P. S-12) Ion Global, ranked in the China agency ranking by its total revenue, should have been shown only by its marketing-related activities. This e-business solutions arm of Chinadotcom Corp. is more a builder of Web sites and consultant on client e-business strategies than an agency.

-(P. S-14) Phoenix Advertising, Turin, Italy, should have been ranked at $1.9 million in gross income in the Italian ranking. The agency provided the data as billings rather than gross income.

-(P. S-15) Left off the South Africa ranking was Grey, Johannesburg, with gross income of $6.5 million, up 89%, on billings of $29.9 million.

* In "World's Top 25":

-(P. S-24) The Hakuhodo profile misidentified the president of Hakuhodo. The president is Toshio Miyagawa.

-(P. S-25) Interpublic Group of Cos. acquired Deutsch for $265 million in late 2000, an amount stated incorrectly in the notes to the Interpublic profile but correctly in the Deutsch profile (P. S-28).

-(P. S-26) In the Lowe Group profile, Michael Sennott and Jerry Judge should have been listed as deputy chairman and president, respectively, of Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide, not of Lowe Group. However, since the April 23 issue date of the Agency Report, Mr. Judge has assumed the CEO position at Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide. In the report, the Lowe Group URL should be Lowe Live's international shops were listed under Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide network. Those offices, in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Paris, should have been carried under Lowe Live. Additionally, Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide and Lowe Group are dually based in New York and London.

* In the table "Top media specialist cos." (P. S-27), Starcom MediaVest Worldwide had worldwide billings of $16.5 billion rather than $12.2 billion, which reflected the Starcom contribution but not the MediaVest contribution. Starcom and MediaVest are separate in the U.S. but are merged on a worldwide basis. The $16.5 billion would have ranked the media specialist company No. 4 worldwide rather than No. 6 in the ranking by worldwide billings and would have ranked its parent, Bcom3 Group, No. 4 by worldwide billings by parent rather than No. 6.

* In the table "Top 25 multicultural shops" (P. S-22), Publicis Sanchez & Levitan had estimated gross income of $8.5 million on $80 million in billings in 2000 based on its acquisition in 2001 of the Dallas and Los Angeles offices of Siboney USA. The two offices contributed an estimated $4.5 million gross income and $40 million in billings. Ad Age noted this acquisition but didn't add it to Publicis Sanchez's totals. The pro forma total would have placed the agency No. 16 among multicultural agencies.

* The following agencies provided data too late to be included in the report:

-San Jose Group, Chicago, a Hispanic shop, had gross income of $3.8 million, up 28%, on billings of $25.3 million;

-Zubi Advertising Services, Coral Gables, Fla., an Hispanic agency, had gross income of $10.75 million, up 44%, on billings of $81.5 million;

-B Communications, Milan, affiliated on a non-equity basis with the international network of Japan's Hakuhodo agency, had gross income of $3.86 million, up 35%, on billings of $39.1 million.

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