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Ensuring the limousine ride of his life-complete with Bud Light-Eddie Jemison does his best to convince the limo driver he indeed is Dr. Galazkiewicz with a resounding, "Yes, I am."

The humorous "Hey, you never know" ads for New York Lotto continue to surprise. The prominent use of outdoor ads keep this ongoing campaign visible and topical.

Hip graphics, fast-paced music and celebrities from Linda Ronstadt to Anne Rice to Barry Goldwater to Walter Payton describe what foods they put Tabasco sauce on.

The Amtrak "consideration campaign" focuses on what makes the ride magical.

Overachieving "Pretzel boy" is played to perfection by actor Jason Alexander in humorous Rold Gold pretzel vignettes, here winning the girl on the dance floor.

MTV-inspired quick cut graphics, mostly involving racing down the highway/-track to loud music, target a younger Digital audience.

Keith Reinhard took a "we're just like you" strategy to win over Digital Equipment executives.

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