Alcoholic Beverages - Category Winner: Heineken

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Lowe Lintas & Partners Worldwide, New York

Chief Creative Officers: Lee Garfinkel, Gary Goldsmith

Creative Group Head: C.J. Waldman

Art Director: Ralph Yznaga

Copywriter: Steven Hanratty

Producer: Steven Ford

Production Co.: Tate & Partners, Santa Monica, Calif.

Director: Baker Smith

Editorial Co.: MacKenzie Cutler, New York

Editor: Karen Kelly

Music Co.: Bang Music & Sound Design, New York

Composer: Jane Mangini

You know the scene-big party in a loft, lots of attractive singles milling around, old fridge stuffed with liter bottles of seltzer and there, in the middle of the room, is the trash can filled with ice water and cold beer. Beneath the surface lie unseen bottles and cans, scattered like debris around the Titanic. One hardy soul, the Jacques Cousteau of beer, dives over and over again, seeking just one thing: the familiar green bottle that signifies Heineken. That his forearm ends up blue is a small price to pay. It's all about the beer, right? Very funny, and (to borrow an expression) true, true.



"Whassup Wasabi"

DDB Worldwide, Chicago

Group Creative Director: Don Pogany

Art Directors: Chuck Taylor, Justin Reardon

Copywriter: Vinny Warren

Producer: Kent Kwiatt

Production Co.: C&C-Storm Films, New York

Director: Charles Stone III

Editorial Co.: Lookinglass, Santa Monica, Calif.

Editor: Livio Sanchez

Miller High Life

"Empty Lake"

Wieden & Kennedy, Portland

Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman

Art Director: Jeff Williams

Copywriter: Jeff Kling

Producer: Tieneke Pavesic

Production Co.

Director: Errol Morris

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors, Los Angeles

Editor: Angus Wall

Molson Canadian

"The Rant"

Bensimon Byrne D'Arcy, Toronto

Creative Director/Copywriter: Glen Hunt

Art Directors: Cheryl Kaplan, Ian Barry, Brad Wood, Colin Brown

Producer: Lori Estabrooks

Production Co.: MAD Films, Toronto

Director: Kevin Donovan

Editorial Co.: School, Toronto

Editor: David Hicks

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