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Budweiser: "Talking Frogs" :30

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Director: Tom Routson, Inversion Studios

Subliminal advertising at its best. What are those frogs sitting on, humongous mushrooms? Are they magic or something? The frogs are talking now. An incredible development. This campaign is so seriously off-message that even Louie the Lizard finally asks the big question: "Now how is that supposed to sell beer?" Who cares about the beer?

Budweiser: "Final Act" :30

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, San Francisco

Director: Tom Routson, Inversion Studios

The Frogs strike back! And their tongues are not firmly planted in cheek. Rather, the Frogs actually give tongue in this spot, and plenty of it. They whack Louie the Lizard with their fleshly flycatchers, upside his head, punishing him for trying to electrocute them. Budweiser to consumers: Keep tuning in.


Bud Light: "Rough Choice" :30,

DDB Worldwide, Chicago

Director: Steve Chase

Reactor Films

Beer or toilet paper? That's the choice confronting two jumpy young dudes without cash for both. They sidle up to a grocery checkout counter with a cartful of goods, but after their credit card is rejected they pull out some pocket change and gradually whittle their purchases down to the bare necessities. The boys are pretty antsy; it looks like they need both the Bud Lite and the tissue, but the final decision is cast in favor of the brew. "Paper or plastic?" the bag boy asks on their way out. "Paper!" the anxious dudes shout. And when the cashier asks if they need the receipt, just a little paper stub, whoosh, they swipe it out of her hand. Wonder what they want that for, huh?

Heineken: "The Weasel" :30

Lowe Lintas & Partners, New York

Director: Baker Smith, Tate & Partners

A guy who looks suspiciously like a junior copywriter, with a winning smile and loads of confidence, arrives at a party carrying a brown bag: obviously a six pack. Ladies check him out on his way to the fridge. He stashes his inferior brand in the cool chamber and grabs a superior brew: Heineken. A title is superimposed: The Weasel. With Heinie in hand, he joins the crowd. "It's all about the beer," reads another title. This spot is way too real.

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