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George Greenberg says his job has gotten considerably easier since "Ally McBeal" went on the air in September 1997.

The exec VP-marketing for Fox Broadcasting Co. has only to make sure the potential viewing audience gets teased enough to tune in, he says. Once they get a taste of the week's plotline they're hooked.

Mr. Greenberg, 44, says the hit "dramedy" by creator David E. Kelley about a Boston lawyer and the excitement of being a single professional woman is fairly easy to market. Mr. Kelley "knows the temperature of the American audience," Mr. Greenberg says. "It's much easier to promote a show with the goods."

"Ally McBeal" is now Fox's No. 2 show. While it speaks mainly to a female audience, men also sit down for it when football season ends, Mr. Greenberg says.

He and his staff relied heavily on outdoor and radio advertising to keep the audience coming back. While outdoor boards featured "Ally McBeal" star Calista Flockhart in sexy poses, radio spots gave listeners a sampling of the show's dialog.

"They let me push as far as I can to tease," he says.

Mr. Greenberg says he plans to use "Ally McBeal" to promote other programs. Fox

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