launches Honor System for contributions to favorite Web sites

Published on . launched the Amazon Honor System (, enabling online visitors to "tip" their favorite Web sites or to pay for access to premium content. Based on's 1-Click shopping technology, the Amazon Honor System allows fans of particular Web sites to give as little as $1. Participating Web sites will be able to sell access on the Honor System to online or downloadable content such as video, music or textual material including news, poetry, short stories, commentaries and literature. The service is open to all Web sites. founder and CEO Jeff Bezos says the system is a way for people to "support the sites they love " and express their appreciation to their favorite Web sites. More significantly, voluntary payments from customers will enable participating sites to continue providing quality content that will delight and inform." The launch partners include, an archive of original fonts;, a selection of blues from a band of Sioux siblings;, a humor site satirizing the new economy, and, an institute that searches for extraterrestrial intelligence. Separately, is packing 10 cents worth of penny stamps into customers' orders this month. An accompanying letter from Mr. Bezos acknowledges that the online retailer can't take care of all customers needs, but perhaps could "spare you the hassle of an extra trip to the post office" to buy penny stamps to cover the increase in first-class postage.
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