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* Number of magazine executives in a packed auditorium who successfully identified the tagline to Toyota's current campaign, when quizzed by Jim Press, exec VP-chief operating officer of Toyota Motor Sales USA: Zero.

* Rank of magazines among media, according to Mr. Press, in which Toyota's new youth sub-brand Scion will be launched: One. (No word on whether tagline ignorance will affect this.)

* Approximate number of minutes into the conference before the cliche "out of the box" was uttered by a featured speaker: Eight

* Amount of annual charitable donations given away by Wal-Mart Stores & Sam's Club USA, according to President-CEO Tom Coughlin's presentation: $211 million.

* Percentage of last 12 month's revenues for Wal-Mart Stores & Sam's Clubs USA this represents: 0.1%

* Number of 2002 AMC attendees: 500

* Number of AMC attendees in boom years: 700

* Years before United States Postal Service's woes abate, according to Reader's Digest Association chairman-CEO Thomas O. Ryder: 10 to 30.

* Rank of "printers and publishers" among U.S. industries in spending for governmental lobbying, according to Synapse founder Michael Loeb: 36.

* Creepiness Award: Mr. Press, who claimed a weekend hobby was frequenting maternity wards "to look at all the babies" and fantasize about future "purchase cycles."

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