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Ameritrade in Drag
Client: Ameritrade
Brand: Ameritrade
Title: "Valley Girl" and "Punk Rocker"
Agency: OgilvyOne
Male comedian Chris Hogan dresses up as a woman and a punk rocker for these Ameritrade spots. The company claims the goofy-character ads will position it as 'the champion of independent investors.' See what you think.

Reebok's Boring Mary J. Blige
Client: Reebok
Brand: Reebok
Title: "Double Dutch"
Agency: AKA Advertising, New York
Putting in a sullen and wooden performance for Reebok and Lady Foot Locker, singer Mary J. Blige jumps rope and throws the camera an 'isn't-this-over-yet?' kind of look. Or perhaps she was just exhausted from carrying home all the heavy wads of product endorsement cash.

SpongeBob Meets Heavy Metal
Client: Mitsubishi Motors North America
Brand: Endeavor SUV
Title: "Squarepants"
Agency: Deutsch
In an incongrous mix, the energizing hard-rock track 'Horn Dog,' by U.K. band Overseer, cuts abruptly to the SpongeBob theme song. But the change demonstrates how the vehicle serves the often jarringly diverse needs of all members of a young family. An effective use of music to emotionally animate a selling feature.

In Her Underwear
Client: Hanes
Brand: Barely There
Title: "Betsy Ross"
Agency: Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.
Mocking the myth of American flag seamstress Betsy Ross, model Shalom Harlow does a silly TV spot in her underwear, with Richard Avedon directing.

Waiting for Sex
Client: Campaign for Our Children
Brand: Sexual Abstinence
Title: "Wait"
Agency: Carlton Donofrio Partners, Baltimore
Here's a really different youth-oriented sell: Assembled in a warehouse, a rag-tag crowd of chanting teenages vow that they will wait before having sex. The PSA is the latest effort by the Baltimore-based Campaign for Our Children. Since 1987, the organization has been using advertising and public relations to promote sexual abstinence among Maryland's teenagers.

Bubble Junkies
Client: Target Market
Brand: Anti-Tobacco, Minnesota
Title: "Bubble Wrap"
Agency: Clarity Coverdale Fury, Minneapolis
Documentary-like interviews with teenagers explore the ravages of plastic bubble-wrap popping. Without ever mentioning tobacco, the clever spoof skewers the common excuses young nicotine addicts use to justify the continuation of their habit.

Ride the Iron Bull
Client: Levi's
Brand: Type 1 Jeans
Title: "Car"
Agency: BBH, New York
Wrapped tight and confident in his Type 1 Jeans, a modern-day cowboy captures and rides atop a car that behaves like a rodeo bull.

Billion Dollar TV Spot
Client: Pepsi-Cola Co.
Brand: Pepsi
Title: "In the Club"
Agency: BBDO, New York
Filmed in what is decked out to look like a gentlemen billionaire's club, this spot promotes Pepsi's upcoming 'Play for a Billion' game show that starts on the WB on Sept. 14.

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