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Dying Senator Ad
Marketer: Amp'd Mobile
Brand: Amp'd Mobile
Title: "Senator"
Agency: Taxi, New York

To generate buzz for its upcoming U.S. launch, wireless provider Amp'd Mobile has produced a TV spot mixing the themes of death and sex to reach its target audience. A statement that came with the spot notes the venture is being 'created specifically for the youth and broadband wireless market.' The dying senator spot is just one of series of ads in the company's 'Try Not to Die -- Amp'd Mobile Is Coming' campaign that also includes magazine and Web banner placements.

The Big Dig: Final Version
Client: GMC
Brand: GMC Sierra Truck
Title: "Big Dig"
Agency: Lowe Worldwide
In today's world of digital manipulations, the commercial scenes that are the most breathtaking are also likely to be the least real. That was the case with this GMC spot featuring vast construction sites for a suspension bridge, a canal and a sports complex. The 'oh, wow' nature of the scenes belies they were meticulously created by Rhinofx of New York, working with production company Space Program of Universal City, Calif. In fact, Rhinofx's Arman Matin and Space Program's Justin Klarenbeck were so taken with their own work that they made the video below to show exactly how much digital magic was involved in the spot's creation.

The Making of Big Dig
Client: GMC
Brand: GMC Sierra Truck
Title: "The Making of Big Dig"
Agency: Lowe Worldwide
This behind-the-scenes video shows the raw -- and quite mundane -- physical venues that were used as the real roads and starting point for the spot. Then, in a series of before-and-after clips, we get to see how massive changes were incorporated with Rhinofx's 3D animations in each scene.

Juggies, Monkeys and Midgets
Marketer: Comcast G4 Game TV
Brand: G4
Title: "Juggcuzzi"
Agency: 72andSunny, El Segundo, Calif.

Well, what else would you expect in a TV spot from a network heavily targeted at an audience of male video game players? This commercial, featuring a large-breasted woman and a midget cavorting in a pool while two well-dressed monkeys comment on the action, promotes the G4 network's reruns of Comedy Central's 'The Man Show.' The woman is one of G4's 'Juggies' -- or vacuous females wearing nearly nothing -- who are staple of that channel's programming.

Digitally Seamless Car
Marketer: Honda
Brand: Honda Acura RL
Title: "Seamless"
Agency: RPA, Santa Monica

Rather than 'Seamless,' this spot could well have been entitled 'Digitally Seamless.' Designed to emphasize Acura's luxury features, the spot demonstrates how the driver can use an onboard computer to monitor traffic as well as search for a specific restaurant. The car is presented as a kind of portable digital device on four wheels that can blue tooth your way along the informational highway even as you steer down a real one.

Chainsawed Chicken
Marketer: Clorox
Brand: Clorox BathWand
Title: "Right Tool"
Agency: DDB, San Francisco

You wouldn't use a chainsaw to slice your roasted chicken, would you? Or a set of hedge shears to trim your nostril hair? Or a blow torch to light your dining room table candles, right? Well, then, in the same spirit, how could you think of using any other tool except a Clorox BathWand to clean your shower and tub?

Sunoco Motorhead
Marketer: Sunoco/Nascar
Brand: Sunoco/Nascar
Title: "Take Jimmie to Work"
Agency: SFGT, Philadelphia

Here's one to warm the hearts of all those motorheads who have made Nascar racing one of the country's biggest entertainments -- to the amazement of the rest of us. It's also the latest in a gaggle of cross-promotions Nascar is using to expand its presence everywhere because, hey, you never know when you might be able to roust out even more of that demographic that lives for the smell of exhaust fumes in the morning. Jimmie Johnson, for those who don't know, is a former off-road racing star who is currently a top, but somewhat controversial, Nascar driver. Sunoco, meanwhile, provides all the fuel that Nascar uses.

Killer Robots
Marketer: Sony PlayStation 2
Brand: 'Ratchet Deadlocked' Game
Title: "Golf"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles

One wonders if PlayStation 2 marketing managers doesn't wish they had their own real-life set of 'Command Robot Friends' like those featured in this Tom De Cerchio-directed spot to blast away at the shipments of Xbox 360 that have so seized the public's attention and inspired such frenzy this last week.

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