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HOLIDAY HYPE: A princess, pocket monsters and some cutsy talking toys will be the focus of parents and kids this holiday season, as the big movie studios do battle with animated and computer-generated films.

Walt Disney/Pixar's "Toy Story 2" is ready to do battle with Warner Bros.' "Pokemon: The First Movie," with long shots Sony Pictures Entertainment's "Stuart Little" and Miramax Films' "Princess Mononoke" also contenders.

It's hard to bet against "Toy Story 2." The original popped a big-time $192 million at the box office two years ago. At the Hollywood Stock Exchange, "investors" in the stock game have the movie broaching the highly valued H$100 mark.

The craze of "Pokemon" -- also known as "pocket monsters" -- continues, as the movie is poised to score big. Game traders at the HSX recently pegged "Pokemon: The First Movie" at H$70, nearly doubling its price in the last three months.

Sony's "Stuart Little" is a bit further off the lead, just holding around the H$50 mark.

Miramax's "Princess Mononoke," another animated Japanese import, features Claire Danes as the voice of a girl who can communicate with nature's spirits. The film can be violent, and HSX traders must think that's a problem because stock in "Princess Mononoke" has taken a bad turn, falling from a high of H$25 in August to around H$12.

As for voices, Tom Hanks is trading close to his highest level of the year, another good sign for "Toy Story 2," in which he has a major role. Tim Allen's climbing bond price also is good news for "Toy Story 2."

There's a bit of a mixed picture for the Miramax film, however. Ms. Danes is

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