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Why the Internet is Bad
Marketer: AOL
Brand: AOL UK
Title: "Bad"
Agency: Grey London
With a curious logic that aims to ultimately get viewers thinking about the positive aspects of its Internet service, online Giant AOL has produced this European ad trumpeting the most troublesome aspects of daily life in cyberspace.

Snack Fairy
Marketer: Kraft Foods
Brand: Kraft Foods
Title: "Tractor"
Agency: Foote Cone & Belding, New York
Once again walking the edge as it toys with the derogatory epithet 'fairy,' Kraft takes us into the heartland where heterosexual he-men farmers watch a cookie spokesman in a pink tutu attempt to drive a tractor.

Dr. Phil Hawks
Title: "Parade"
Agency: Hanft Raboy & Partners, New York
Upping the advertising ante against competitors like E-Harmony, rolls out the big gun of personal happiness therapy as its new spokesperson: Afternoon TV wellness shaman Dr. Phil.

Target Goes Weightless
Marketer: Target
Brand: Target
Title: "Circles"
Agency: Peterson Milla Hooks, Minneapolis
The abstract visual artistry of Target's ads have made them a constant stand-out in their field and this one is no different. It's not even hard to imagine it as a kinetic bit of art one might hang on the wall in a perpetually looping LCD panel.

Traveling Pet Care
Marketer: Expedia
Brand: Expedia
Title: "Anthem"
Agency: Deutsch
Now here's a ad resonant with homey truth about how vacationers really deal with their pets. This giant pile of dry food and huge bowl of water look quite familiar to me and a vast number of other cat owners who simply upend the Wiskas bag on their way out the door to the airport.

Jack as Super Hero
Marketer: Jack in the Box
Brand: Jack in the Box
Title: "Hero"
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing, Santa Monica
The Jack in the Box ping-pong-ball-headed spokesman morphs into a comic book super hero in this one.

Bigfoot and Plastic Ronald
Marketer: McDonald's
Brand: McDonald's
Title: "Bigfoot"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat Day, Los Angeles
In an effort to offset the controversial attention Burger King has generated with its own plastic-faced king character, McDonald's new ads attempt to re-position life-size fiberglass versions of Ronald McDonald as a similar promotional persona. Here, a Sasquatch wandering the deep woods is enthralled to encounter plastic Ronald sitting on a bench.

Rube Goldberg Coffee
Marketer: ING
Brand: ING
Title: "Mouse Trap"
Agency: BBDO, Atlanta
The U.S. arm of the Amsterdam banking and insurance conglomerate, ING Groep, has achieved a broad U.S. presence with TV spots focused on park benches bearing its orange ING logo. This latest ad employs a Rube Goldberg-like device that appears to have drawn a good deal its inspiration from Honda's famous 'Cog' spot.

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