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Adidas: "Black" :60

Saatchi & Saatchi, Wellington, New Zealand

Director: Gregor Nicholas

This spot features the New Zealand rugby team All Blacks playing a game shot in slow-mo, intercut with shots of Maori tribesmen in costume going into battle. Get it?

The footballers and tribal chiefs both chant the Maori "Haka," a routine at All Black games. The soundtrack by Gareth Williams at JSM Music is a chiller.


Nike: "Beautiful" :30

Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

Director: Frank Budgen

Gorgeous Enterprises

That cauliflower ear, shot in black and white, looks good enough to nibble on, thanks to the lensmanship of Frank Budgen. The beauty of sacrifice, of commitment to the great god of sports, is on unblinking display here. The sinewy leg scar of skier Picabo Street, the missing tooth of Theo Flurry of the New York Rangers, are cool, clean and bloodless symbols of the risks you take. "Just Do It," reads the tagline above the swoosh. Yeah, go ahead, and see what happens to you.

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