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Action Sports Adventure, New York

Founded in 1989, ASA is a contemporary and historical sports library, representing leading action cinema-tographers as well as holding exclusive licensing arrangements with numerous teams, leagues, sports governing bodies and major historical collections. ASA's most recent acquisition is a collection of classic professional and amateur sports footage from the 1950s to the '80s.

Archive Films, New York

Archive Films has been a supplier of archival and historical stock footage since 1979. Its library of footage from 1894 through the 1980s includes silent films, documentaries, home movies, television programs, music footage and more. Archive also exclusively represents other collections as well. All footage is on original 16mm or 35mm film and can be transferred to any format.

Cinenet, Simi Valley, Calif.

Nearly six years ago, Jim Jarrard and Robert Thompson decided they wanted to create an "artist consortium" rather than a huge stock conglomerate, and Cinenet was born. Although Cinenet, a division of Cinema Networks, offers private collections most of their footage is shot for stock and consists of short clips. While they have diverse footage, they are best known for their time-altered cinematography.

Energy Productions/Timescape Image Library, Studio City, Calif.

This library consists of footage on a variety of subjects including cityscapes, aerials and time-lapse images. In addition to the many producers they represent, such as Miramar Films, the Playboy collection and Namco Computer Graphics, Energy Productions/Timescape Image Library also offers original cinematography, much of it shot by its own crews.

Fabulous Footage, Toronto

Fabulous Footage, founded in 1985 by cinematographer and film editor Dan Garson, began with footage gathered by Canadian filmmakers. This stock house now has 15 offices worldwide and offers footage from period recreations to natural phenomena to special effects. Staff researchers can send clients tapes to view or clients can come to the office. There is no additional charge for rush services.

Hot Shots/Cool Cuts, New York

Hot Shots is devoted to contemporary images, while Cool Cuts focuses on archival collections. This company has acquired the exclusive rights to such footage as the Pan Am Film Library and the Hearst Metronome New Collection. Their sister companies, Action Sports Adventure and Second Line Search, offer sports footage and research services.

The Image Bank Film, New York

The Image Bank Film was established in 1989. The company created and distributes Image Index, a computer/laserdisc interface that searches and retrieves footage in seconds. With 43 offices worldwide, all offering the same core library, clients usually receive research cassettes the same day, with additional footage supplied from the New York headquarters if requested.

Kesser Stock Library, Miami

Kesser Stock Library has been in business for over 10 years, with an emphasis on, though not limited to, "sun and fun" footage. They also have a large quantity of wildlife footage, have recently purchased several archival films and are the exclusive representative of Aquacolor, a source of vivid underwater images. They have supplied footage for television series as well as music videos.

Second Line Search, New York

In 1983, Second Line Search was the first full-service stock footage research and licensing company in the United States. They research and secure footage, negotiate licensing fees and handle the delivery of screening and master materials. They also utilize well-known footage libraries in addition to their own exclusive network of independent cinematographers and private collectors.

Future Trends in Sotck Film

It seems as though everyone is putting their archives on CD these days, but the real news is that libraries are beginning to merger into huge resources, creating massive archives to dense to even ship on CD. Whatch for remote video delivery systems like AT&T's Picasso and Kodak's KPX to step up this opportunity. These are two the best remote video browsers, and are definitely

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