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[sydney] A second installment in Australia's controversial pro-euthanasia advertising campaign is in the works.

Ammirati Puris Lintas executives are meeting with June Burns this week in Sydney to discuss filming another commercial to follow last month's, which featured Mrs. Burns pleading with TV viewers to help her die.

Ammirati didn't charge the Pro Euthanasia Society of New South Wales for creating the powerful commercial, which has aired only once. In the spot, Mrs. Burns, a mother of four, tells viewers from her bed how she takes about 20 tablets a day, including three doses of morphine, and that they don't always ease her pain from bladder cancer.

"If I was a dog, by now the RSPCA would be onto my husband for cruelty and would have me put down straight away. I think human beings are treated worse than animals. I can cope with what I've already been given, but I know I can't cope with what's coming," she says.

The Pro Euthanasia Society paid an estimated $200 to run the spot, which was accepted by the Nine Network in Sydney for airing at 10 a.m. on March 3. The single airing created a global media frenzy, with more than 200 stories featuring Mrs. Burns appearing on the front pages of newspapers across Australia as well as international TV and radio coverage.

An agency spokeswoman said Mrs. Burns, 59, was still considering the possibility of a new commercial after becoming traumatized by the media attention generated by the first ad.


Coverage of the advertising appeared on the BBC, CNN and NBC, along with a radio interview on the BBC Outlook service that was heard by an estimated 35 million people and a CBS interview for the Australian "60 Minutes."

The agency spokeswoman said that a major Australian TV network, which she

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