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We enjoyed reading your Special Commemorative Report on 100 Years of Auto Advertising in the Jan. 8 edition. Both its content and attractive format provided a fine overview of auto advertising since 1896.

Unfortunately, it was not an entirely complete view of automotive advertising in America. Missing was any mention of outdoor advertising's key role in marketing auto-mobility during the past 10 decades. Nowhere in the entire 52-page report was any pictorial or written reference to out-of-home media.

That omission is ironic because auto manufacturers have been using the outdoor medium well ever since motor vehicles were first mass produced. They early on found roadside advertising to be a logical way of reaching prospective auto buyers.

The 1907 Henry Ford "Watch the Fords go by" campaign mentioned on Page S-2 was an outdoor program keyed to street environments. Where else could you see Fords go by? Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and later hosts of foreign car makers have used outdoor effectively in all the years since those early Ford beginnings.

Some of the most creative and memorable auto ads in history have appeared in out-of-home media forms. These include ads for Volkswagen, Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge, Buick, Cadillac, VW and many more. A number of the best Volkswagen designs appeared only on outdoor.

For now, we extend congratulations on an outstanding report which, even without outdoor, still told the automotive advertising story well.

Joseph R. Blackstock

Director of research/historian

Eller Media Co.

Los Angeles

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