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The ad age best judges declared a tie in the radio category this year for the first time. They were equally high on two humorous spots, for Little Caesars and Ortho fire-ant killer.

Little Caesar Enterprises: "Family Dinner" spot ( Cliff Freeman & Partners; Kamen Audio; :60). Its Pizza-by-the-Foot is portrayed as so long that a family eating at home must shout to be heard. Far-off voices and shouting paint the picture in your mind; you're in that zany home looking down a long, long table full of pizza.

Father: So how was your day, son?

Son (from a distance): What?

Father (shouting): I said, how was your day?!

Son: Oh, pretty good!

Announcer: Eating a pizza as long a Little Caesars' new pizza by the foot has its drawbacks.

Father: Great pizza, huh, son?!

Son: Sure is! Hey, dad?

Father: Yeah?!

Son: Is that mom sitting next to you?!

Mother: Good eyes on that boy.

Father: Yeah, that's your mother!

Son: Say hi for me, will you?!

Father: Jimmy says hi.

Mother: Ask him if he'll pass me a slice of pepperoni.

Father: Hey, son?!

Son: Yeah?!

Father: It's your dad again!

Son: Oh, hi, dad!

Father: Hi, son! Listen, pass me a slice with pepperoni!

Son: OK!

(Sound of a pizza slice whistling through the air and landing on the table)

Father: Boy, has that kid got and arm!

Mother: I'm so proud. (Shouting) Nice throw, son!

Announcer: Little Caesars' new Pizza-by- the-foot-nearly 3 feet of pizza and free Italian bread. Just $10.99 carried out or have it delivered.

Ortho: "Instant Death" ( BBDO West; Radio Savant Productions; :60). Spot gleefully describes the fire-ant carnage when its product is used. It surely warmed the heart of any victim of the fire ant's painful bite.

Announcer: Fire ants are not lovable. People do not want fire-ant plush toys.

They aren't cuddly; they don't do little tricks. They just bite you and leave red, stinging welts that make you want to cry.

That's why they have to die.

And they have to die right now.

You don't want them to have a long, lingering illness. You want death. A quick, excruciating, see-you-in-hell kind of death.

You don't want to lug a bag of chemicals and a garden hose around the yard; it takes too long. And baits can take up to a week.

No, my friend, what you want is Ant-Stop Orthene Fire Ant Killer from Ortho.

You put two teaspoons of Ant-Stop around the mound and you're done. You don't even water it in. The scout ants bring it back into the mound.

And this is the really good part. Everybody dies. Even the queen; it's that fast.

And that's good. Because killing fire ants shouldn't be a full-time job-even if it is pretty fun.

Ant-Stop Orthene Fire-Ant Killer from Ortho. Kick fire-ant butt!

Anheuser-Busch: "Bookstore" ( DDB Needham Worldwide; in-house; :60) The company's East Coast campaign for Bud Light used the Jerky Boys and their in-your-face confrontations with unsuspecting citizens. In this spot, one of the boys calls a bookstore clerk to arrange a book signing the next day for a book he's still writing-about Bud Light, among other things. The polite but dismayed clerk provides a humorous counterpoint to the blustery and demanding caller.

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