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Axe Deodorant's Latest Sex Ad

And Other Current TV Commercials of Note

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Latest Axe Sex Ad
Client: Unilever
Brand: Axe
Title: "Lingerie"
Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty
Keeping to its messaging assault on young males, Axe has rolled out another round of sex-heavy spots. This one will no doubt have them giggling in frat houses from coast to coast. But will they remember to spray their arm pits with the correct product?

Cut Your Lawn on Stilts
Client: Bayer Environmental Science
Brand: Top Choice
Title: "Stilts"
Agency: Colle & McVoy, Minneapolis
Using the absurd but clever image of all suburbia on stilts, this pitch for an ant-killing lawn chemical certainly rises above the mundane nature of the product. Although, perhaps it's not so mundane to those Southern staters who have been stung by fire ants maurading across their yards and gardens.

Halle's Lipstick
Client: Revlon
Brand: Overtime Lip Color
Title: "Halle OT Lip"
Agency: Deutsch
She may not be pumping up the marketer's flagging sales but Halle Berry certainly looks great in this, her latest effort as the Revlon woman.

Supermarket Bull
Client: T-Mobile
Brand: Camera Phone
Title: "Grocery Store"
Agency: Publicis
Oh my, Mildred, is that an angry bull charging down the canned fruit aisle? Yes, but don't worry, they're just making a T-Mobile commercial.

Egg Rack Alcohol
Client: Diaego
Brand: Bailey's Minis
Title: "Refrigerator"
Agency: J. Walter Thompson, New York
If you're looking for a liquor product that fits neatly in the egg rack of your refrigerator, Bailey's new Minis are just the thing.

Musical Dawn
Client: Walt Disney Co.
Brand: Disney Amusement Parks
Title: "Anthem"
Agency: Leo Burnett, Chicago
A part of Disney's new $250 million U.S. ad campaign, this is a run-of-the-mill spot made special by its soundtrack. The stirring piece is the 'Lion King' theme rearranged by Comma music.

HP Digital Photos
Client: Hewlett-Packard
Brand: Digital Cameras
Title: "You"
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Photographers who routinely walk through the world framing potential shots will really relate to this commercial. It re-creates that process as an engaging visual promotion of HP's rapidly expanding digital photography line.

Dunkin Donuts Violence
Client: Dunkin Donuts
Brand: Capuccino
Title: "Restaurant"
Agency: Hill Holliday
Things get violent in this ad as Dunkin Donuts operatives invade a restaurant to whack the house's cappucino waiter.

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