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And Other Current TV Commercials of Note

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Armpit Sex Ads
Marketer: Unilever
Brand: Axe Deodorant Body Spray and Axe Essence
Title: "Cowboy," "Handyman," "Tandem"
Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, New York
In an effort to hone its understanding of the younger armpit demographic, Axe recently commissioned a cultural anthropology study of that target market. The amazing conclusion: Young men think about sex a lot.

Macabre Milk Message
Marketer: Calif. Milk Processors Board
Brand: Milk
Title: "Thirsty"
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Using a concept and effects right out of a horror flick, this spot underscores the bone benefits of milk drinking in as macabre a manner as one can imagine. A woman's skeleton is so frustrated it doesn't get enough milk that it rips itself out of its host's flesh and wanders off to the fridge to drink what it really craves.

Adidas War Dance
Marketer: Adidas
Brand: Adidas
Title: "Haka"
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
There is something electrifying about the traditional war dance of the Maori that must be seen to be understood. And this spot shows it better than most Americans have ever seen it -- and to the benefit of the sponsor, Adidas, as well as the players of the All Blacks, New Zealand's world-famous Rugby team. The team performs haka, or the war dance, as part of its pre-game warmup.

Tortured Tongue
Marketer: Coca-Cola Co.
Brand: Hi-C Sour Blast
Title: "Tonguetastic"
Agency: Geppetto Group, New York
The star of this spot for Hi-C' Sour Blast is a 6-foot-tall anthropomorphic tongue that is mauled, kicked and prodded to demonstrate the drink's particular kick. Sour Blast comes with a sour-crystal-packed straw that releases tart flavor to mix with the sweet taste of the basic beverage. In the end, our happy tongue dances away through a sun-splashed field with a pretty girl.

DHL Freight Train
Marketer: DHL
Brand: DHL
Title: "Cargo Train"
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
A freight train leads DHL's $150 million advertising charge against FedEx and UPS. The dumbfounded drivers of FedEx and UPS trucks watch as a trainload of yellow DHL trucks roar by to take part in the shipper's new push for U.S. market share. 'We didn't see that coming,' says the UPS driver.

Top Effie Winner
Marketer: Leapfrog Enterprises
Brand: Leapfrog Learning Systems
Title: "Learn Something New"
Agency: Ackerman McQueen, Berkeley, Calif.
This was the top winner in this year's Effie Advertising Awards, presented last week. Sponsored by the New York American Marketing Association, the Effies honor the most effective -- rather than the most creative -- advertising.

Mr. Clean's Race Car
Marketer: Procter & Gamble Co.
Brand: Mr. Clean's AutoDry Carwash
Title: "Hot Pursuit"
Agency: Grey Worldwide, New York
Using vintage and current competition cars, Mr. Clean demonstrates that antiquated car-washing technology has finally caught up to the latest racing technology. The old racer literally rips the new one apart at high speed on the track. All this to sell a chemical spray that eliminates the need to dry your car after washing it.

Agressive Engine
Marketer: Pennzoil
Brand: High Mileage Pennzoil
Title: "Rejection"
Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Los Angeles
So, you say the engine crawled out of your old car and now squirts you with dirty oil every time you try to get near your driveway? Is that's what's bothering you, bunky? Well, step right up and give that nasty piston block what it really wants: High Mileage brand Pennzoil.

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