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Bad Girls Tease
Marketer: Kmart
Brand: Kmart
Title: "Thalia"
Agency: Grey Worldwide

Audio-tracked by the band Iffy's 'Super Bad Girls,' this spot is both a commercial for Kmart's back-to-school clothing lines and the WB's 'One Tree Hill' show. The show's female stars pose and pout their way through Kmart's new Thalia Sodi brand fashions.

Edgy Fast Food
Marketer: Jack in the Box
Brand: Grown Man Meal
Title: "Grown Man"
Agency: Secret Weapon Marketing

Tired of listening to all those pansy-ass phonies whining about obesity and carbs and all that other wimp stuff? Are you a heavy-duty man looking for a heavy-duty meal? Well, hey, Bubba, come on over to Jack in the Box and stuff your face good -- and get a free hunting knife, too.

JCPenny's Hip-Hop
Marketer: J.C. Penny Co.
Brand: JCPenny
Title: "Young Men's Juniors"
Agency: DDB, Chicago

Aside from an animated hip-hop character -- he looks like he just escaped from his own cartoon show -- this spot is a blur of interchangeable teenage dancers clad in JCPenny's bland back-to-school collection.

Spank the Salesman
Marketer: For Eyes
Brand: For Eyes
Title: "Sexier"
Agency: Tractenberg Advertising, New York

Inside a Brand X eyeglasses store, a haughty salesman struggles to deflect a customer's question about why prices are so much higher in this shop than at Four Eyes. It ends with him positioning himself for a spanking in a manner that makes one's skin crawl.

Knuckles and Ribs
Marketer: Chili's
Brand: Chili's Grill & Bar
Title: "Holyfield"
Agency: GSD&M, Austin, Texas

Pairing knuckles and ribs, Chili's latest commercial spotlights former world heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield punching out praises for the restaurant chain's Baby Back menu specials.

Vodafone Gets a Head
Marketer: Vodafone
Brand: Vodafone Wireless
Title: "Buried"
Agency: SCPF, Barcelona, Spain

After burying his best friend up to the neck in sand, a young Spanish man answers his Vodafone Wireless phone and gets lost in an extended conversation made possible by a summer rate featuring unlimited minutes. Broiling in the sun nearby and threatened by children wielding shovels, hungry insects and marauding beach crabs, the imprisoned head soldiers on at best it can.

The Two JFKs
Marketer: JFK Library Foundation
Brand: JFK Library Foundation
Title: "JFK DNC"
Agency: Martin Agency, Richmond

Given that John Forbes Kerry has the same initials as John Fitzgerald Kennedy, it is no surprise that this ode to JFK has received such prominent airing during the Democratic National Convention.

Unemployed Olympian
Title: "Lenny Krayzelburg"
Agency: Deutsch, New York

A gold medal swimming star of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, Lenny Krayzelburg is competing in his last Olympics in Athens this summer. World-record holder for the 100-meter backstroke but 28 years old, Krayzelburg is clearly mindful of reality. He's pitching himself to potential employers on

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