Bait and Switch

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There have been a number of Mac "Switch" campaign parodies, but none can compete with Jordan Green's witty spec attack on the Mac's OS 10 operating system, which has made a splash on and Green, an editor at 89 Editorial in New York, wrote, directed and cut a pair of spots in which Mac users testify, replete with foul language, about their dislike of the new OS. "After the real campaign started gaining momentum, many Mac fans such as myself began to notice that it was a bit of a leap for Mac users to adjust to OS 10 without some frustration," he explains. "After all, it's completely new to anyone who has ever used a Mac. Until now, the Mac operating system has always been an incarnation of itself - an update of previous systems. Now, it's been rebuilt from the ground up, forcing longtime Mac users to start over with their own Macs. So I thought it would be really funny and possibly quite poignant to show that Mac fans were now in the strange position of having to 'switch,' too. I was trying to hit the nail on the head, using the real dialogue of Mac users. Lines like, 'It's like my Mac is thinking different!' was something a friend of mine said that seemed to capture it all - so I put it in the spot." But Green, who also appears in the spot entitled "Sonny Howard" (seen here), doesn't want to be misunderstood as a hopelessly disgruntled potential Windows traitor. Despite his initial misgivings about the new OS, "it's really a great system that all should ultimately embrace," he insists.

Client: Apple Macintosh (spec) Directors: Jordan Green, David Schulhoff Writers: Jordan Green, Bill McMullen Editor: Jordan Green Music: Megatrax

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