Bantam Doubleday wins an Adfly

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Agents Inc., creator of the hot intelligent agent-driven Web music information site called Firefly, has awarded its first Adfly award to Bantam Doubleday Dell, for a banner ad it created for Al Franken's book "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot."

In an experiment to test its agent technology and increase advertiser awareness of its targeting capabilities, Agents invited marketers to submit as many banners as they would like, along with a target audience. The banners were posted on the Firefly site along with a button enabling users to rate the banners on a scale of 1 to 7.

More than 20 marketers participated, including AT&T, Stolichnaya and Duracell. Bantam's ad drew the highest rating--more than half of the 200 people who rated the ad during the two-week period gave it a 7.

Firefly plans to conduct more contests to help marketers learn how to better target their ads.

"This is a very, very different way of advertising," said Saul Klein, Agents VP-marketing. "Something that the first iteration of Adfly has proved is that while people can buy into the theory of one-to-one advertising, planning and creative have a ways to go."

As the winner of the competition, Bantam gets 5,000 free impressions, or page views, on the site. A page view normally costs 10 cents.

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