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Anheuser-Busch Bud Light: "Boom Box"

Lopito, Ileana & Howie, Guaynabo,

Puerto Rico

Creative Director: Tere Davila, A. De Jesus

Art Director: F. Rey

Copywriter: A. De Jesus

Producer: M. Hernandez

Production Company Director:

A. Traverso, X-Films

This bud light ad was all visual appeal and little dialogue. There is no talk of hops, smooth taste or any attributes.

A techno soundtrack blasts and throbs through a large boom box, standing alone in a high-tech, steel-paneled room. The camera zooms in and out and then swoops around the back to reveal the source of its power: six electrified cans of Bud Light where the batteries should be. "Bud Light. Provoke your senses," voice-over says.

The judges admired the edgy execution that let high-quality animation, sound and visuals do the talking. They agreed it had good production values and a concept that would work in any language.

Honorable Mention

Miller Brewing Co.'s Miller Genuine Draft: "House Party"

Wieden & Kennedy, Portland

Creative Director: Susan Hoffman

Art Director: Jeff Williams

Copywriter: Rosario D. Garza, Jeff Kling

Producer: Jeff Selis

Production Company Director: Melanie

McDaniels, Palomar Productions

The b&w execution is part of a Miller Genuine Draft campaign that adapted former general market agency Wieden & Kennedy's "Miller Time" work for MGD. It uses the same style of photography and large-type white titles.

The agency shot a house party in b&w video-verite style. "It's time for Friday," say the titles that fade in. After more shots of grinding couples, partygoers drinking tall ones and even a wallflower sprawled on the couch, another set of

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