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Bayer Corp. is playing off two of its strengths-aspirin and minerals-with a new aspirin with calcium.

Aspirin Regimen Bayer With Calcium, an extension under the Regimen line, is being rolled out to retailers beginning May 6. Magazine ads and a 5-second tag on Bayer's current "The power of pain relief and so much more" TV campaign start in July, from BBDO Worldwide, New York.

The marketer, which also makes One-A-Day and Flintstones vitamins, spent $16 million on its aspirin line in '95, according to Competitive Media Reporting.

"It's an ingenious marketing strategy, riding the age wave," said Don Stuart, a partner at consultancy Cannondale Associates. "They're reinforcing regular use by tying it to a key female need around osteoporosis."


Bayer has discovered that not only women were interested in taking calcium, however.

"We found in testing it was equally appealing to men," said Michelle Priefer, senior brand manager for Bayer. "It will also attract the interest of non-Regimen users."

The Aspirin Regimen line was introduced by Bayer just more than a year ago to replace its Enteric name, launched in 1989. The Regimen name also will be adopted by Bayer children's chewable aspirin.


After years of declining sales, Bayer sales were up 4.6% overall to $115.5 million and a 4.3% share of the $2.7 billion analgesics category for the year ended Feb. 25, according to Information Resources Inc.

The Regimen line represents 20% of Bayer's aspirin sales, Ms. Priefer said.

Bayer estimates another 13% of consumers take its regular aspirin for prevention as well.

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