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Olympic Beavers
Marketer: Bell Canada
Brand: Olympics Campaign
Title: "Waiting Room, " "Audition" and "Gig"
Agency: Cossette Communications & Marketing, Quebec

Meet Frank and Gordon, two beavers who have become TV stars and darlings throughout Canada as a result of their appearance in these three Bell Canada ads during that country's Super Bowl. The animated characters promote Bell Canada's Olympic sponsorship and are a pair of spokescreatures you'll find hard to forget.

Singapore Cigarette Ad
Marketer: Djarum Mezzo
Brand: Singapore Cigarettes
Title: "Race"
Agency: Timmerman & Tan, Singapore

This stunningly beautiful visual ode to health, and to the exhiliration of exuberant youth and fresh air coming together in great joy is, incredibly, a cigarette commercial directed by Joseph Kosinski of Rokkit in London. It could never get on the air here in the U.S. but Singaporeans clearly have a very different attitude about tobacco.

Strip Poker
Marketer: Golden Gate Fields
Brand: Horse Racing Track
Title: "Poker"
Agency: DDB, San Francisco

Golden Gate Fields, a horse-racing track that bills itself as the place where 'The Bay Comes to Play,' has put out three new commercials that depict people engaged in other games. This one features a living room strip poker game that is won by the male. The tagline on the spot, directed by Zach Math of Furlined, notes that Golden Gate wants you to win no matter what competition you're involved in.

Lazybone Extraction
Marketer: 24 Hour Fitness
Brand: Olympics Campaign
Title: "Lazybone"
Agency: Publicis & Hal Riney, San Francisco

For all those who have been wondering what their lazybone actually looks like, here is the answer. See a real Olympian's lazybone in a bottle.

Consumer-Produced Ad
Marketer: Diageo
Brand: Red Stripe
Title: "Stubby Chaser"
Agency: Colangelo Synergy Marketing, Darien, Conn.

Consumer-produced ads have become all the rage of late and Red Stripe is the latest to use such homegrown amateur videos as real advertisements. Here, like a tacky Halloween skit, we see two young males crudely dressed as a beer bottle and a bottle opener chasing each other down the street. Using the pitch that it as unable to afford a Super Bowl commercial, this Diageo brand asked online consumers to submit their own spots to win a prize. This is the winner of that $5,000 prize.

Potato Crisp Kaladeoscope
Marketer: Procter & Gamble
Brand: Pringles
Title: "Hearts"
Agency: Grey Worldwide, New York

Kaleidoscopic effects are certainly nothing new but Pringles puts a fresh spin on the gimmick in a spot directed by Sean Dougherty of Brand New School that is Target-like in its pure graphics quality.

Copier Crash
Marketer: Minolta
Brand: Minolta Copiers
Title: "Foret It's There"
Production Co.: Millennium Pictures

This short, simple and direct message directed by Charlie Tercek of Millennium gets right to the sales point: Minolta copiers work so dependably that you just forget they're there -- which is why this poor sap crashed directly into the machine to be knocked cold and sprawled on the floor.

The Floating Life
Marketer: The Clorox Company
Brand: Brita
Title: "Smooth Day"
Agency: DDB, San Francisco

Imagine air is water and all the people you see throughout a typical downtown business day are moving more like fish than gravity-anchored land mammals. That's the concept of this ad directed by Gerard de Thame of Gerard de Thame Films that ends with the tagline, 'Water Yourself.'

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