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The uproar over Dennis Hop per's work in Wieden & Kennedy's campaign for Nike Air Veer football shoes reminds us how intense advertising people can be in debating creative that's remarkable enough (or simply weird enough) to assert a claim to "breakthrough" status. Even Mr. Hopper himself has been drawn into the Nike fracas.

But as we re-read our recent feature story, "10 Years After `1984'," we again recognized the sheer perfection of that creative effort, a superbly crafted introductory spot for Apple Computer's Macintosh computer.

Every nuance of that Chiat/Day-created commercial was right for the product, right for the times. It was advertising of the highest order. Apart from meeting Apple's immediate marketing objectives, "1984" also was a breakthrough on a larger cultural level: It served notice that advertising can transcend its selling/communications tasks and live another independent existence as real art.

Ad people no doubt can nominate other work that could join "1984" as 4 stars. This one certainly shows how illuminating, how instructive it can be to dust off and re-examine the best ever.M

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