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Has Philip Morris added extra nicotine in this new Benson & Hedges campaign from Leo Burnett, shot by Duncan Sim? Well, our reviewers didn't light up at the sight of it

Leynete Cariapa/Copywriter

McCann-Erickson/New York

It's not often that you see cigarette advertising that has a real idea, so I think the account people deserve a lot of credit.

The creatives, on the other hand, turned a good strategy into a trite campaign by using hokey visuals.

Jim Garaventi/Associate Creative Director

Doyle Advertising, Boston

If one were inclined to do smoking advertising, I think a campaign that sympathizes with the smoker might be an interesting strategic approach. These ads, however, fall short for me.

The visuals are as contrived and as expensive, I imagine, as they can be. Not that contrived is necessarily bad, but the headlines don't justify the excess.

Actually, I'd take the headlines off the ads or at least place the Surgeon General's warning over them. The tag, "The length you go to for pleasure," is all that's needed to play off the visual.

Hillary Jordan/Copywriter

Chiat/Day/Los Angeles

Say you're the owner of the Happy Go Lucky leper colony. Occupancy is down. You're desperate to keep your remaining tenants and maybe even attract some new ones. So you hire an ad agency to come up with something that will make people feel good about their leprosy.

The agency comes back with a print campaign that shows lots of lepers sitting around in remote places comparing their open sores. You decide to run it, gleefully anticipating the boatloads of lepers that will flock to your colony. No one calls. More of your tenants leave. You can't understand it. Finally you're forced to face the hard truth: maybe your ads had the opposite effect. Maybe leprosy isn't such a great thing after all.

(P.S.: I'm a leper.)

Sakol Mongkolkasetarin/AD

Acme Advertising/Santa Ana, Calif.

Visually (cough), the ad is pretty interesting. But where's the (cough)

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