What's the Big Idea? The Island of Dr. Giuliani

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Taking the urban jungle concept to heart, Crispin Porter & Bogusky's first campaign for PlanetOutdoors.com, a seller of outdoor recreation equipment, features a three-day field expedition -- in New York City. In three documentary-style spots, directed by Dan Myrick and Robin Cowie of Blair Witch Project fame, PlanetOutdoors.com CEO David Secunda leads a team of explorers including a scientist, a cultural anthropologist and two extreme athletes on a search for the Lost Tribe of Civilization.

Says copywriter Scott Linnen, "We were talking about the Discovery channel expeditions where the explorers carry a lot of gear and go to New Guinea or the Amazon, but then we realized that we are the lost tribe -- cut off from the outside world, so to speak, by technology, city walls and cubicles."

The first spot features the team taking Zodiac boats to the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, where they are met by curious onlookers drawn by the "brightly-colored equipment and shiny gear trinkets." The tribal music in the background and the deep-voiced narrator perfectly set the National Geographic-style tone of the campaign.

Linnen and art director Markham Cronin chose the Big Apple as the location of the Lost Tribe because, as Linnen puts it, "Manhattan represents the center of deepest, darkest civilization. But I mean that in a fun way." Well, he's from Miami; he doesn't know about the human moles living in subway tunnels.

Since CP&B's intent was realism, there was no script, just script notes. Another spot has the group scaling the side of a building in the financial district while being pelted during a wicked storm. As they climb, they attract the attention of "the palest of the Lost Tribe Clan -- the Cubicle People," After the encounter with these primitive natives, they unpack their gear and spend the night camped out on the roof of the building.

"That night, we were sitting down to dinner in our hotel, about to open a bottle of wine, when we realized we left our client on the top of a building in a sleeping bag," Cronin chuckles. So CD Alex Bogusky "sent [the client] an e-mail saying not to feel bad, the hotel elevator is slow and the mini-bar hasn't been restocked," laughs Linnen.

Client: PlanetOutdoors.com Agency: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Miami CD: Alex Bogusky AD: Markham Cronin CW: Scott Linnen Directors: Haxan Productions, Chelsea Pictures

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