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Clark Moss, creative director at Mezzina/Brown in New York, pronounces the cigarette category as "notorious for staleness and lack of cultural relevance." So he and the team of senior copywriter Dave Pachence, senior art director Lisa Bet and group creative director Jon Terzis set out to have some good fun with a new Camel campaign. Photographed by David LaChapelle, the ad, which carries the warning, "Viewer Discretion Advised: This ad contains SS -- Satisfied Smoking, FV -- Farm Violence, and AN -- Animal Nudity," is a new take on the classic "farmer's daughter" scenario. As the young Lothario flees a tryst with the temptress, her rifle-brandishing daddy in hot pursuit, we see the blonde babe in the window, enjoying a post-coital smoke.

"One part of the campaign comes from taking archetypes that exist in people's heads already and putting the Camel twist on them," explains copywriter Pachence. "So with this farmer's daughter, everyone knows the story. All we wanted to do was take the idea and twist it to get a bit of a jar, a bit of edginess. The farmer's daughter would normally be running after the father saying, 'No!' We just said, 'Why don't we say the woman loves her Camels more than the guy?' "

Adds Moss, "We overlaid the 'Viewer Discretion' box to give the key to decoding the myth. If you had that shot without the overlay, there's much less of an idea there. They work together to make more meaning. It pokes fun at the political

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