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When a TBWA Chiat/Day creative team decided to make client Apple Computer the David to Intel's Goliath, and point out that the Macintosh G3's new processor is twice as fast as Intel's latest, the guys thought it would be fun to "stick it" to Intel's advertising at the same time. The idea doesn't sound unreasonable when you hear Ken Segall, creative director on Apple, talk about "Intel's Bunny People," those men in the brightly-colored suits who dance around to disco beats. "Almost everybody is aware of the campaign, but not a lot of people are excited by it," says Segall carefully.

Segall, in the agency's L.A. office along with art director Michael Rylander and copywriter Tom Witt, came up with a spot in which, to the beat of that Saturday Night Fever classic, "Disco Inferno," a guy in a blue cleansuit gets "toasted," and a fire fighter has to put out the blaze. The spark of the idea came from a sort of spontaneous combustion, if you'll pardon Segall's choice of words. The creatives were trying to put themselves in Intel's disco dancing shoes, asking themselves how they'd feel if suddenly made aware that their chips were not the fastest in the world. Angry? Depressed?

"We asked ourselves how that would play out," Segall recalls. "Suddenly the leap was made -- that we'd feel burned by the fact that they'd totally toasted us. The spot became the literal enactment. Once it was on the table, we said, 'Oh yeah, that's it, that's it!' From there came the idea of a fireman coming along,

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