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Contest #436: The cool craze in counterculture circles these days is an effort to undermine ubiquity called "visual sampling," the practice of taking all-too familiar corporate logos, subversively altering them (Evian to Niave, McDonald's to Marijuana) and slapping them on hats and shirts.

It's pop art for the 1990s, and it's ticking off big business-which must mean that it's working.

T.N.T.ers: we want you to come up with the next corruption-humorous, provocative or otherwise-of a marketer's logo and tell us how it would be merchandised.

And now for the results of Contest #432: we asked for the next advertiser to buy signage or product placement in the sure-to-be highly rated O.J. Simpson murder trial and you issued these writs:

First Prize: Glad and Zip-Loc will square off in the battle of the evidence bags. Watch as the prosecution attorney proudly shakes the "blue and yellow makes green" Glad Bag containing the bloody glove. Defense attorneys dramatically counter with a Zip-Loc bag containing the real murder weapon, preserving the fingerprints of the real killer. Glenniss Indreland, advertising coordinator, Spanish Peaks Advertising, Big Sky, Mont.

Second Prize: Isotoner makes a media buy, in which announcer will say, "This portion of the evidence is brought to you by Isotoner snug fitting gloves. Because what good is a lost glove?" Michael Kreinest, account exec, The McClure Group, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.

Third Prize: Ford Motor Co. will strike a deal with attorneys to tout its Bronco line. "Will the witness repeat the make and model of the vehicle a third time?" Phil Frankenfeld, free-lance writer, Milwaukee.

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