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Brushing up their Internet skills. Smithkline Beecham thought the 'net would be a perfect place to sample its new Aquafresh Whitening toothpaste. It posted a message on the newsgroup, and instead of getting flamed, newsgroup users flooded Smithkline's 800-number with requests for samples. Says company exec Scott Martin: "Our first trip on the 'net has been a white-hot experience."

Fear of bytes. CMP Publications' HomePC is looking for a technophobe willing to face his or her worst fears. A contest appearing in the magazine's May and June issues asks readers to submit essays on someone they know "who panics at the sight of a PC." The grand-prize winner will get a multimedia computer, printer, scanner and training. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

'Toon into the Web. Being big "Dilbert" fans, we love the new United Media Web home page (, where we can chronicle cartoonist Scott Adams' career. But we have one request: Keep it current. On April 5, a feature purportedly showcasing the day's "Dilbert" was dated March 29. We're sure Dilbert would say it's the marketing team's fault.

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