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A brief e-mail message. In what may be the first marriage of the Internet and Times Square, trendy underwear marketer Joe Boxer Corp. is designing what is being billed as the world's largest e-mail. Spanning 100 feet long and rising 5 feet high, Joe Boxer's digital messaging center will run directly below 6,000 square feet of traditional outdoor advertising at New York's 42nd St. and Broadway starting in mid-September. "People will be able to send messages via the Web," said Denise Slattery, Joe Boxer's VP-marketing. "We want the spot to become a destination point for people all over the world." Later in the fall, Joe Boxer expects to videotape the digital messages for viewing on its World Wide Web site, giving would-be cyberstars a chance to be a flicker of a screen away from Times Square.

I want my MTV. If you've always talked back to the TV, it looks like you'll soon have plenty of opportunity to talk on the TV. MTV: Music Television, shadowing a gesture made earlier this summer by the Sci-Fi Channel, last week began running clips from its online chat rooms during some of its programming. The comments, on subjects ranging from Michael Jackson to Jerry Garcia, are still "an experiment," MTV officials say, but for those of us who consider music videos mindless entertainment, we hate the thought that we'd actually have to watch the things just to see what people are chatting about.

Clowning around. It had to happen. TV icon Bozo the Clown is going online. The much-revered children's show now has an e-mail address for computer-savvy kids to stay in touch with the big-haired clown. So go ahead. Write to Bozo at [email protected] And be the first to welcome a true Bozo to cyberspace (as if there weren't enough already).

Not a baaaaad idea. Don't be shy. We know you stay awake at night wondering how wool gets from sheep to clothing. Now there's an answer to that burning question: World of Wool, the International Wool Secretariat's Web site ( The site contains the unabridged wool story from shears to shearling, as well as a "Cliff's Notes" version for the amateur. Not Web savvy? Never fear, the Wool Secretariat's $50 million fall marketing effort will be sure to find ewe.

Bubbling over with Boboli. You gotta wonder what those Kraft folks are thinking with the new Boboli Web site ( While we're sure some people will log on for the requisite Boboli recipes and party ideas, we have trouble imagining the appeal of the Boboli Virtual Delivery System, a way to send pizza images (called, believe it or not, Veggie Smile, Meaty Smile and Traditional Smile) via e-mail, along with a message. This brings new meaning to the word emoticon.

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