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Bob Purvis

Director of marketing

BP Oil International Ltd.

Our relationship with W. B. Doner & Co. began with a seemingly small assignment for our U.S. company. The first TV commercial the agency created for us launched our Procare automotive diagnostic and repair service centers; it aired in Toledo, Ohio, in 1984.

This trial campaign went well, and over time we made Doner the main agency for BP's American business. In the late '80s, we brought the agency into our international business, and by the early '90s, Doner was also the agency for BP operations in Europe.

The agency has a particularly strong research capability. That, together with its overall creative capabilities and the ability to do spectacular television creative-Big TV-has served us well.

A good example of the spectacular, internationally aired spots Doner has executed for BP is one called "Mission." In the commercial, a swarm of helicopters, trains, trucks and a jet converge on a BP service station in the outback of Australia.

We created "Mission," which aired in the late '80s, to re-establish and elevate the value of the BP brand worldwide. In the early '90s, we also rebranded all our facilities in the United States from the Gulf and Sohio brands to BP. Doner was a critical link to the communication that took place between BP and its customers as we rebranded and re-imaged.

From the beginning, we liked the agency's personality. We liked its creative, its sense of humor, its "human-ness." And, although the agency has grown quite a bit in the past 13 years, it remains as responsive and easy to do business with as ever.

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